Let Go

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I love how all your old texts,
Even from the simplest 'hi's and 'bye's,
Just the use of my nickname,
Still continues to make me smile.

I love how all those pictures,
Are still saved on my phone
Just waiting to be deleted,
Though I can never let them go.

I love how all those inside jokes,
Still pop up in my head
And how all our stories,
Have popularly spread.

I love how all those memories,
Bring more happiness than sadness can
I can't bring myself to hate you,
But no one understands.

I love how you're so different,
Than the boy I used to know
It somehow makes it easier,
To get over and let go.

I love how you're not in my life,
I don't have to think it through
Because I know if we were friends again,
I'd fall back in love with you


Hi! Sorry for the spam... I'm just in a poem-writing mood right now.... ;)

Also, this poem is slightly different from the other ones because although it's a breakup poem about trying to move on yet being nostalgic, it shows how there's a positive approach to everything and maybe there's a reason someone's not in your life anymore.

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