Thank You

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A/N This one's dedicated to theloneleaf. If it weren't for him, I would've stopped writing a long time ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Thank you for always staying by my side,
Letting me vent out when a part of me died
Thank you for never giving up on me,
For realizing I'm not what the rest of the world sees.

Thank you for continuously supporting what I do,
Cheering me up when I'm feeling blue
We have a lot to think back upon,
Having known each other for ever so long.

The day we first met I never knew you would be,
Someone who'd make up a part of me
I had no idea, at the start,
That one day you'll hold a place in my heart.

Thank you for staying, through thick and thin,
Oh, what a ride it has been!
But through the drizzle, the hurricane,
You stood with an umbrella, you learned to love the rain.

Thank you for those deep talks all through the night,
Thank you for all those playful fights
Whenever I wrote poetry, you'd help me with rhymes,
Thank you so much for those memorable times.

Thank you for those inside jokes that still make me smile,
Just to make me happy, you'd run the extra mile
Thank you for all those laughs and oh, those bad puns,
Whenever I was rain, you became my sun.


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