I Know What You Really Did Last Summer

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I'd love to see your hair, ruffling in the wind,
The sparkle in your crystal blue eyes.
Your soft, familiar hands, placed in mine,
Come on dear, I've got you a surprise.

I can't think right now, I need some time,
Just leave me here to stay.
I'm seeing stormy skies on a bright blue day,
I need to be alone for a few days.

I'm right here for when you need me,
Honey don't let me down.
Or soon I'll be the storm on a bright blue day,
And you'll be the one to drown.

Now that's what you don't seem to understand,
You're already the flame to my rain
You drown me out with your excessive beauty,
But that's what drives me insane

I'll take that as a compliment,
The line about my looks,
But appreciate that I think of you,
Instead of fairytales and books.

If you really cared about me, you would give me space
You'd know what you have done,
To darken my days.

Well here it is, 'I don't know',
Are you going to tell me or what?
Will you tell me directly,
Or do you want me to show you what I've got?

Do you really want to know,
Do you really want to know why?
Why I can't love you anymore,
It's 'cause I saw you with another guy.

Is this why you're angry?
'Cause you saw me with another guy?
I love you and I'd usually agree,
But this time I have to deny.

It was you, don't you lie to me, it's like putting salt on a wound,
I'm done with this relationship, what we had, it's gone for good.

I'm warning you, I can attack,
I'll thrash you like a wave.
Like that I'll wash away my memories with you,
Like you washed away the love I gave.

Just go away to your other lover,
Else I'll drag you out instead.
I'd rather not be with the woman who betrayed me,
Take these memories out of my head.

~Olivia & Diana

Hey guys!!! This was a collaboration with one of my favorite people in the world, SecretIdentity16.

The lines in italics are hers, writing as the girl in a relationship, whereas the other lines are me, writing as the boy.
The story is about a boy who finds his girl with someone else, clearly cheating on him.
Also, whattup Shawn Mendes fans who got the title reference!!

We hope you like it and you should really check out her poetry books as well, 'A Poem is Worth a Story' and 'Tacenda'.

Love you to the moon and back,
Via ❤

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