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I'm stepping out of the bubble, that I blew around me,
I'm breaking down the walls, that surrounded me.

Before, I was trapped, by my own emotions,
All because of imaginary situations and petrified notions.

I was always so afraid, of who I'd come to be,
And now it's from myself that I have been freed.

That girl I was before, so delicate and sweet,
She's who was obstructing me from the view underneath.

There's so much more to the world now, now that I've opened my eyes,
Now that I've destroyed the part of me who believed in all those lies.

I've stepped out of that bubble, I've broken down those walls,
It's time to introduce the new me who embraces all her flaws.


No one kept me locked up behind bars.
No one tied me up and told me not to speak.
No one held me back from living my life the way I wanted to.

Except myself.

If you believe that there's nothing holding you back from achieving your goals and stepping out of your comfort zone, the easier it will be for you to see your fantasies as reality.
Don't let your insecurities or your fears throw you down.


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