The Last I Had You

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The last I had you, I was in your arms,
Giddy with excitement, elated by your charms
We were both young, a full life ahead,
We thought we were forever, at least that's what you said.

The last I had you, we were promised a tomorrow,
That had no room for distress, no room for sorrow
We sang through the day and danced through the night,
No imperfections; the world seemed just right.

That last I had you, I was your girl,
You were my everything, my only solace in the world
You made me feel special, that we were made to be,
We would work it out, or so we believed.

The last I had you, we were so caught up in the past,
We didn't think of the future, never thought it'd be our last.


The last I had you, we didn't consider a strife,
Never thought you'd walk straight out of my life.

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