Dear Comebacks

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Why don't you ever,
Help me during a fight
Or give me something to say,
To prove that I am right
Why can't you aid me,
When I'm broken and bruised
And help me get up,
When I know I'm going to lose

Why can't you come to me,
When I'm at my wit's end
When there's nothing left to help me,
Gather up and mend

Instead you decide,
To enlighten me when
The fight is all over,
When the day is at its end

When I'm lying on my bed,
Remembering the day
I think of all the things,
That I should say

Next time when I,
Am stranded in a fight
I have the best of comebacks,
To prove I'm right

But I know it's impossible,
As everytime I really need you,
You decide to leave my behind,
And I don't know what to do

My lips will be trembling and I'd be planning on how to roast,
But those comebacks never come when I need them the most.


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