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One word after another,
Carefully, taking it slow
I drew with ultimate precision,
How much I cared, you should know.

It had our names in calligraphy,
The black ink carved on the page
The amount of time I spent on it,
Right now just brings me rage.

Every intricate detail,
Every mark of the quill
Every single word,
I wanted you then and still.

That bookmark that I made for you,
It wasn't the time I spent
I know it wasn't much to give,
But you don't know how much it meant.

It wasn't the calligraphy,
It wasn't the strokes of the quill
All I want to know,
Do you have it, still?


It wasn't much, but it's the thought that counts.

Hey guys! So that brings us to the second last poem in Candid!!!!

I just had a question for all of you that I ask at the end of all my books.
Which poem was your favorite? Please comment, I'd love to see what you guys have to say. Also, since this brings an end to my first poetry collection, if you've read BLU and WOS as well, comment your top three favourite overall from the three books. ❤

My favourites have been~

1. Raindrops, from Candid
2. He for She, from Candid
3. Emotion Shopping, from Whisper of Silence
4. Beauty at its Best, from Better Left Unsaid
5. Meraki, from Whisper of Silence

Thanks for reading!

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