Chapter Eleven: Two Admirers... ?

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I got out from the car with Aeriel and Charisse. Aeriel took a deep breath and gave me a sharp look, like I did something naughty. "You will not ditch any classes today," she ordered me. "And after classes, you shall not go to Patrick's house with his friends. You must wait for us here."

I nodded. I get really nervous whenever Aeriel scolds me or something. After all, she's has lots of experience. Charisse just smiled at me warmly. "Don't pressure her, Aeriel," she said. "She just wants to get her job done so she could be back at Heaven." She sighed. "I hope our job is that easy."

It took a lot of willpower to control myself from rolling my eyes. Easy? My job? Of course not! It's not that easy. It was hard, seeing that my human doesn't even believe in God. How could I make him believe? He's stubborn, too. And it's hard to concentrate whenever he's around. With those intense gray eyes staring at my own... it's really hard to think.

"Let's go to our lockers now," Aeriel said, shouldering her bag. "We'll be late for Biology if we just stay here and chat."

I nodded and we went to our ways. Charisse, on the Teacher Lounge while Aeriel and I on our ways at the locker. I was just thinking about Patrick Hall when Aeriel stopped walking. We're just five meters away from our lockers. I looked at her, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly opened. "Aeriel?" I called her name. "What happened? Did you saw something?"

Her expression didn't change. She was still staring straight ahead. I turned my head so I could see what's she's looking at. There was Patrick Hall, getting things on his locker. Sure enough, it's just above mine. He was chatting happily with two guys, one blonde and one dark-haired. Then Patrick saw me standing and called my name. The blonde and the dark-haired turned. It was BJ and Carl, grinning at me. 

I managed a smile. "I'll be right there," I said. I grabbed Aeriel's right hand and started dragging her to our lockers. "Sorry about that staring. My friend is just acting... weird."

Aeriel shook her head and smiled nervously. "Hi," she said. "I'm Aeriel Young." 

"Nice to meet you," BJ said and offered his hand. "I'm BJ Ramirez. And this is my other friend, Carl--."

"We've already met," Carl said, smiling down at Aeriel. She turned pink but still smiled sweetly. She and Carl was just staring at each other for a second when BJ clapped a hand on Carl's shoulder. He shook his head. "W-what?"

"Nothing," BJ said, grinning. He turned to me. "Are you going to get your things locker? I can go with you and help you out."

"My locker is just below Patrick's," I said and opened my locker. My Biology book fell and BJ bent down to get it. I muttered a thanks to him and he gave me a goofy smile in response. Aeriel opened her lockers and got her things. After, we closed it and smiled at the boys. "So... we better get going."

"I'm coming with you," Patrick said. "We're in the same class, remember?"

"Well, we're just going back at the mansion," BJ said. 

"Yeah," Carl said. He smiled at Aeriel and waved his hand goodbye. "Bye, Aeriel. I... I hope we could meet again." He cleared his throat and gave me a tight hug. Then he whispered, "Um, Patrick's going to give my number to you. Give it to Aeriel. Would that be okay?" He let go of him and I nodded shortly. He grinned. "Thanks." 

"Bye, Kate," BJ said, turning red. "It's good seeing you again. And bye, Aeriel. It was nice meeting you."

Aeriel just nodded, but her eyes was on Carl. He gave her one last smile, turned and walked with BJ to the exit of the school. Patrick sighed. "Good riddance," he said. "They were pestering me to bring the two of them to school. BJ obviously wants to see you." He pointed at me. "And Carl wants to see you." He pointed to Aeriel.

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