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Limerence | Jikook by Astray_Away
Limerence | Jikookby Astray_Away
"Goodbye..." "You're not going alone." Jimin hates Jeongguk's guts, and Jeongguk knows that very well. Yet, he continues to try and win his heart bac...
  • jimin
  • jikookff
  • fantasy
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Frost by BlueeKisses
Frostby t.m
"Every boy I've kissed, freezes from the inside out- except for you" * Aspen Iverson has a gift, a deadly gift that has haunted her for the past sevent...
  • beloveds
  • fiction
  • snow
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FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1 by ELatimer
FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1by Erin Latimer
"*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freez...
  • magic
  • ice
  • kiss
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Percy Jackson - Heart of Ice by Thatwriterguy1234
Percy Jackson - Heart of Iceby Steve erwin
After the Second Giant War Annabeth leaves Percy for immortality. Percy's heart turns ice cold after the "love of his life" leaves him. He decides he needed so...
  • complete
  • completed
  • hestia
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White Blood by evelin414
White Bloodby Evelin
In a world completely made of Ice, lies the world of the Ice people. In the Kingdom of Ilea lives a girl named Talía,The daughter of the king and queen of Ilea. Talía's...
  • action-adventure
  • fiction
  • love
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Creatures Of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Creatures Of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Ra'venna, a Fairy assassin cursed with a dark power never believed she would get a chance at revenge at the creatures that killed her family, until she is offered a cont...
  • dragon
  • fantasy
  • world
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When the ice melts (girlxgirl) [completed] by caradele1
When the ice melts (girlxgirl) [ caradele1
Meet Samantha Mett, Ice queen and Queen Bee of the most popular private high school in New York. She have power to scare people around her, she has never had any feeling...
  • gaylove
  • fanfiction
  • girlxgirl
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Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by GigglyUndertaker
Partners In Crime | Yuri sugakookieV
The angry Russian chases her around the rink, "Why did I get stuck with a partner like you?" The (h/c) girl smirks, "Because I'm annoying and you're angry...
  • russianpunk
  • skating
  • yurio
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Two Avatars? | Aang  by tim-nam
Two Avatars? | Aang by ♡ Euphoria ♡
One day when the world was most in need, there would be two saviours. And those saviours just happen to be connected in a very strong way~ -HIGHEST RANK- #1 AvatarTheLas...
  • saviour
  • katara
  • avatarlastairbender
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why do you care? { vicuri } { depressed yuri x victor } (CONTINUED) by TheKittyQueen101
why do you care? { vicuri } { Chapter 4 of Sally Face kille...
Yuri, an normal man, happy, and full of joy, walked into the Grand Prix, or so everyone thought.... He was hiding, what he really was, depressed. His dog had just died...
  • yuri-on-ice
  • yuri
  • yoi
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Freezing Wings by PirateQueen7621
Freezing Wingsby HomicidalOtaku
An Upon Wings Of Change fanfic** * There was one lab, the place where humans were kidnapped and tested on, turning them into small, fire-breathing lizards, destroyed whe...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • tundra
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Fresh off the Ice by SA_icegirl
Fresh off the Iceby SA_icegirl
I am a Figure skater. I skate 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week and about 2,700 minutes a month. That doesn't include training, off-ice, ballet, drama, and yoga. I have thr...
  • drama
  • figureskating
  • love
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The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
The Ice Wielder (Iruka x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a very famous ninja known as the ice wielder. She was born in the hidden frost village, a neighboring village of the hidden mist. After her parents try to force...
  • ninetails
  • hokage
  • ice
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 || Vikturi oneshots || by rainyday2027
|| Vikturi oneshots ||by ~ r.
» win or lose, we call everything on the ice 'love' « a bit of fluff featuring the most adorable katsudon on earth and a certain silver-haired Russian living legend. [I...
  • yurionice
  • figureskating
  • nikiforov
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Rouge by IsabellaModra
Rougeby IsabellaModra
The first in the ROUGE series ... Hunter Harrison is no superhero. She doesn't wear a cape, or a lycra suit, or prance around dark alleyways looking for punk-ass kids...
  • consumingfire
  • embers
  • superpower
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After that (Jelsa ) by Olena_MU
After that (Jelsa )by Asda Shopper
After the big freeze of summer , Anna and Elsa have become real sisters again ! No business of any sort with Weaseltown and Prince Hans of the Southern isles is still i...
  • magic
  • anna
  • rotg
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Songs of Snow by ljthomas
Songs of Snowby L.J. Thomas
Banned magic. A gifted huntress. A witch in training. A kingdom at stake. Elinor grew up on tales of the Songvari, a race of people endowed with mysterious powers over i...
  • prince
  • songs
  • spells
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Ice Age: The Middle by serpent_queen18
Ice Age: The Middleby Haylee Philbin
Yeah I still suck at descriptions but enjoy nonetheless { Ice Age: The Meltdown } { Diego x OC } { Book 2 out of ??? } { First Book - Ice Age: The Beginning } Book Cove...
  • age
  • mammoths
  • crash
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Child Of Light by wolfandphoenix
Child Of Lightby Wolf and Phoenix
This is my story from Quotev :) more will be going up! I was always different, like a black sheep. I was always alone but hurt. My life was nothing but darkness, pain an...
  • magic
  • thorin
  • love
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