Chapter Thirteen: Prom

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            I like kissing Patrick. That’s it. I’ve said it already. I like kissing Patrick Hall.

            I know I shouldn’t have. But his expression when he asked… It’s like he wanted to know if I like him, too. Of course I couldn’t say that in front of him. We would just end up as couples and that means staying on Earth forever. Maybe this kiss would say that I like him… but I don’t want to get in a relationship.

            It was only about five seconds when our kiss was interrupted. The door opened with so much force, that I groaned really loud. My hands flew to Patrick’s neck and his strong arms on my waist.

            The door opened a little bit wider revealing two angry beings. I forgot Charisse and Aeriel would wait up for me! How stupid of me. I bit my lip when Charisse glared while Aeriel rolled her eyes like, I knew it.

            Patrick was the one who first broke the silence. “… Um, hi, Ms. Glenn.” I was about to ask how Patrick knew Charisse but then remembered she’s a Choir Teacher.

            “Hello, Mr. Hall,” Charisse said coldly. “May I ask what you were doing just now?”

            “Really, Charrise, are you seriously going to bug them about what they were doing?” Aeriel asked.

            “Aeriel, I’m going to explain,” Patrick said.

            “Leave,” I said, my voice sounding firm and a little bit angry. Why am I angry about? I shouldn’t have the right to be. First of all, I should not be kissing my human.

            “What?” Charisse said, her eyes narrowing.

            “Not you.” I turned to Patrick. “You.”

            “I…” Patrick began, but he lost his voice. Then he cleared his throat and regained his composure. “Fine.”

            Patrick let go of me and turned to leave. When his car drove off the driveway, Charisse sighed. “Kate—.”

            “How could you do that?” I interrupted, my eyes blazing with anger. “Can’t we have some privacy? I know you would wait up, but can I at least handle something my self for the first time?”

            Charisse opened her mouth to say something but closed it again. Aeriel raised an eyebrow at me. “Get in Kate and we’ll talk.”

            I marched inside and shut the door close with a loud bang. Then Charisse gave a shaky breath. “How can I let you handle something yourself? You’re immature, Kate! Super immature! No wonder you fell from Heaven!”

            Without knowing it, I kicked the coffee table with such force that the vase on top of it fell and broke. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that! You have no right!”

            “So we’re talking about rights now, are we?” Charisse taunted. “Huh, you know nothing about rights, Kate! First of all, you have no right of kissing your human the second time! The first one was an accident and he was the one who kissed you! Now it was you who kissed him!”

            “This is my mission! I will decide what to do and not to do! Capturing Patrick’s heart will make him good! I just have the feeling!” I cried and folded my arms. “Of course you don’t know about that. You’re not a guardian angel like me!”

            “Tell me, Kate… do you love him?” Charisse asked, her eyes threatening me not to lie.

            I kept silent. Of course I love Patrick. I care about him… And he’s my friend. It is normal for me to love him.

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