Chapter Seventeen: Beverly's Anger

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Before I start the chapter, please read my other story: Another Wrong Turn? You could find it on my Profile! :> I can’t promise that Another Wrong Turn? is an awesome story. But I think it’s okay. :D Okay, let Chapter Seventeen begin. XD

            It was Friday afternoon and I’m at Patrick’s house with Patrick, BJ, Carl, Aeriel, Fatima and Beverly. We were just hanging out, getting to know each other. I want to get to know these people better before I leave. But I can’t help notice Beverly’s conspicuous glares.

            I moved nervously at my position. I was sitting at the couch, my hands on my laps. But Patrick’s hands were around me as he was talking with BJ and Fatima. Both of them were sitting on bean bag chair comfortably. Carl and Aeriel were on the lying on the floor, staring at each other’s face. They weren’t talking—as if they have their own world. We decided to let them be alone.

            And that leaves Beverly who was sitting on a chair opposite to the couch I was sitting. She was glaring at me as if I did something wrong—like stealing her crush or something. Unfortunately, the others were oblivious to Beverly’s glare on me.

            “Hey, we have an announcement to make!” BJ called loudly.

            Beverly tore her gaze on me and looked at BJ. Aeriel and Carl snapped out from their own world and turned to BJ.

            “Just get on with it, bro,” Patrick said, giving him a slight shove.

            BJ rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. “Um, I just want you to know that Fatima is my girlfriend already…”

            There was an awkward silence for awhile and then we cheered for them. Fatima was blushing so red as if her whole body was turning red. I was the first one who congratulated her. She grinned, still blushing. “Thanks, Kate.”

            When everyone was done giving their thanks to Fatima, Beverly cleared her throat and raised her eyebrows to me. “Do you have any announcements to make, Kate?”          

            I glanced at Patrick who just shrugged. I turn back to the others and smiled. “There’s no announcement, Beverly.”

            “Oh yeah? I thought you and Patrick are dating.”

            To my surprise, Patrick glared at Beverly. “None of your business, Bev. Just leave us alone.”

            “So you really are dating?” Beverly asked, her eyes narrowing.

            “Beverly,” Fatima said Beverly’s name so sternly that Beverly gave an angry sigh and left the living room. Fatima sighed and looked at me apologetically. “Sorry about that…”

            “It’s good. I’m used to it.” I grinned.

            Patrick held me tighter. Then he called the attention of the others. “Hey, I learned that there’s no class at Wednesday next week.”

            Fatima raised her eyebrow. “You sure?”

            “Yeah. Ask the president.”

            Fatima turned to Aeriel who was once again turned back to reality. “Is it true, Aeriel?”

            Aeriel nodded. “Yeah. Cha—I mean, Ms. Glenn told me. She said that the Choir Club needs the school—certain reasons. I don’t know why.”

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