Chapter One: The Fallen Guardian

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And I fell. I can't hear anything but the wind rustling as I fell. I watched the sky from above as I fell. They said I'll meet someone when I get to Earth. Angels disguised as humans. Angels who are more mature and stronger than me. I'm only seventeen years old in human years, the youngest guardian angel. Naturally, they give the job as a guardian angel to a much experienced person, say, twenty-five years old and above. But they claimed they saw my potential. And here I am, falling from the sky. 

I was wearing my simple white dress. I don't wear any sandals or shoes, just my bare feet. My hair is chocolate brown and my eyes are blue, just like the color of the sea, my friends had told me. We never had a mirror up there. Vanity is not welcome there.

And that's when I felt the pain. 

My right wing hit the ground first and I could feel it breaking. Two pair of hands helped me to my feet and I studied them closely. They were surely angels, I'm sure of it. You could tell whether an angel is disguised as a human. Angels are white, so translucent that you could almost see the blood flowing at our veins. Both the angels smiled at me and I smiled back. But it quickly turned into a groan when I tried to move my right wing. It's badly hurt and I don't know how to tend for it. 

"Don't move it," the dark-haired said. "It'll hurt."

"Come in at our house," the blonde said. They walked inside a modest house and I followed them inside. I sat on a sofa while the dark-haired sat on my right and the blonde on the left. Both of them were looking at me. The blonde was the one who broke the silence. "I'm Aeriel Young."

"And I'm Charisse Glenn," the dark-haired said.

"I'm Kate," I said politely, smiling at them.

"Only Kate?" Aeriel asked skeptically. "In this planet, you need to have a second or third name. It's their rule, I guess. I'll never know why it's a requirement to have two names."

"How about Roberts? I read it in a book once. Would it be okay, Aeriel? Kate Roberts?" Charisse asked, waggling her eyebrows suggestively at Aeriel.

She nodded. “That’ll do.”

"How about my wing?" I asked. "When would it heal? Would it ever heal?"

Charisse sighed and looked at the ground. Aeriel looked away, too. But Charisse was the one who explained. "Yes, it would heal. But it would take a lot of days. Maybe even years. And do you know why, Kate?" I shook my head. "If you won't meet up with your human and make him good, you're wing will never recover. But if you found your human and clean the evil that surrounds him, you're wing will be okay and you will be back to Heaven."

"How could I know if that's my human?" I asked. "Would I feel a connection?"

"Yes, a connection," Aeriel said. "A very strong connection. Some female angels had male humans and they share a very strong connection. A connection that is inseperable. Some angels fell in love with the human males but that will result staying here in Earth forever."

I gulped. This guardian angel business is very complicated and I didn't make a good job. We have a human appointed to us. We don't know his or her name but we must guide him or her to the right path. I tried to guide mine, but he or she lost his or her way. He or she became greedy, lustful and evil. I carried his or her sins and it came to the point I couldn't take it. And that's when I fell. 

"What do you do here in Earth?" I asked curiously.

Charisse smiled. "We're angels who are sent in a mission to spread goodness. Aeriel here is a student in the High School of this town. Meanwhile, I'm a Choir Teacher. I'm pretending to be a twenty-five-year-old woman and Aeriel a seventeen-year-old girl. How about you?"

"I'm only seventeen years old in human years," I said shyly. "I'm that young."

"Goodness!” Aeriel exclaimed. "No wonder  you fell! That job is for the adult ones! But it's brave of you to take up the job, dear."

Charisse cleared her throat. "Anyway, Kate, you better change your clothes. You'll stay in the guest room. Aeriel, could you talk to her and teach her the human ways? Meanwhile, I will cook dinner."

As Charisse left, I stood up and followed Aeriel to my room. It was colored baby pink, with a small bed. Beside the bed was a desk and a chair. I smiled at it. "It looks wonderful. And comfortable, too. I shall have a good time here in Earth."

"You didn't fall from Heaven to have a good time, Kate," Aeriel said firmly. "You fell because you need to teach your human the right ways. Tomorrow, we will enroll you to our school. Maybe your human goes there."

I nodded. "School I can handle. But what about those things I need to fit in?"

"Come with me downstairs," Aeriel said after a pause, as she went outside my room, and I followed. She pointed to a white thing inside the living room. "That's called a computer. I use it--Charisse use it sometimes, but mostly I do--because of my projects in school. And for the daily news, too. We don't get newspaper, it's a waste of paper and we should save Mother Earth." Then she pointed to another device. "That's a television or nicknamed as TV. We use it for news, too. There's a lot of commotion in Saudi Arabia now." She shook her head. "And the other things I will introduce tomorrow."

I sighed. There's a lot to remember. This computer and TV. And I saw Saudi Arabia from Heaven. It was very chaotic and there was a lot of bombings.

What had happened to human nowadays? They were never like this in the old times. I never knew, of course, but I heard stories. I sighed again.

No wonder why my human went to the wrong path.

“What are you thinking about?” Aeriel asked, looking over at me curiously.

I shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing much. I’m just wondering how my human went to the wrong path. How could the humans be so… sinful?”

Aeriel sighed. “Well, humans aren’t perfect. Just like us—the angels. We need to cut them some slack.”

I nodded. “What happens if I don’t find my human, Aeriel? What if I’ll stay here forever?”

“The least you can do is think positively.”

Think positive? How could that help me when something negative happens?

Little do I know that something very, very negative will happen. Yet, it was still positive. 


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