Chapter Fourteen: Messenger from Heaven

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I sighed. Could this day get any boring?

            I was sitting on my usual seat during Literature class just like any normal Wednesday afternoon. It was the class after lunch break and I’m still hungry. I never got to finish my lunch because of Patrick. He told me he needs to talk to me—privately.

            So, of course, we went to a vacant room. Then he took a deep breath and began. “Kate… could you tell me what’s going on?”

            I frowned. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Patrick.”

            “What’s going on?” Patrick asked, loud and clear this time. “I have this weird dream ever since Prom—and it’s disturbing.”

            “If you need someone to talk to, I’m here,” I whispered and put my hand on his shoulder.

            He smiled tightly and took a seat on a vacant seat. I took the seat beside him. “In my dream,” he began, “I could see this white lady. No, she’s not a ghost or something. Her complexion is so white—she could be mistaken as dead. But her cheeks are rosy and her lips are pink. She got very, very dark eyes—I never eyes could be that dark—and she also have jet-black hair. She was beautiful in a way. And she was wearing a white gown that reaches her toes. It was strapless and she was barefoot. My dream took place in a quiet forest and I could see her just walking towards me—well, sometimes floating.”

            “Is that all? Is the lady bothering you?”

            “Kind of,” Patrick said, frowning. “She always smiles at me. But something in her eyes is warning me not to do a bad thing or I’ll regret it my whole life. She looks small and innocent. But I could sense she’s powerful or something.”

            “Does she say anything in your dream?”

            Patrick nodded. “She says that I should think about my love for you. I told her I love you so much. Then she would just shake her head, turn away and leave. I know it’s simple… but it’s still disturbing. While she’s walking away to me, I can feel darkness creeping to my soul…”

            There was an awkward silence after that. I don’t know what to say. Obviously, I don’t know this woman. But why was she questioning Patrick’s love for me?

            “And… Kate, there’s something about her voice that she doesn’t want me to love you,” he said. “But the thing that bothered me was that at the end of my dream, when I’m going to wake up, her white gown would be ripped at the back, revealing a big pair of wings.”

            “What?!” I said sharply. “Big pair of wings?”

            Patrick stared at me, taken aback of my reaction. “Not chicken wings… But… more like a pair of angel wings. It was color white. She would fly and I would wake up.”

            Suddenly, I stood up so fast that Patrick gaped at me in surprise. I blushed. “I—I got to go,” I stammered.

            “Wait, Kate! Do you know who this woman is?”


            Before he could say anything more, I turned and left the room…

            I was snapped back to reality when I heard my voice said by a familiar voice. I looked at the entrance and there was Aeriel, talking to my Literature teacher. She was explaining some things in a hush voice and my teacher was nodding her head.

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