Black Rose (#Wattys2016) by K-Black
Black Rose (#Wattys2016)by Kim Black
"My silence is not weakness but the beginning of my revenge." My name is April Fields . My parents were killed by rouges when I was 13 years old. I was accuse...
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BTS and Blackpink: A  high school story  by lovehurtzbaby
BTS and Blackpink: A high lovehurtzbaby
Disclaimer: Here is another BTS and Blackpink fanfic. I do not own the characters and this is purely fiction, meaning it did NOT happen in real life. This is mainly...
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Evan's Rose(Book 1 & 2) by MissR12
Evan's Rose(Book 1 & 2)by MissR12
[Mature Content] : All that religious and innocent Rosaline Jacobs ever did was apply for a job at Carter Industries. Then how did Rosaline become Evan's Rose? "...
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Love & Hate by mochituna
Love & Hateby Peaches 🍑
"you dont have to please everyone, just be happy and be you." someone said and i immediately wiped off my tears and turned around to see that person. its him...
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Empowered Luna || ✅ by FailedTestSubject
Empowered Luna || ✅by FailedTestSubject
*Explicit and dark content (18+)* -Highest in Fantasy #201 -Highest in Werewolf #578 "Mate, if you keep squirming on my cock with that delightful pussy of yours lik...
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Blackpink Smut by reveblink
Blackpink Smutby •••
i was bored one night Most of these are g!p (girl penis) These are all converted so all rights go to the original author
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Suho x Jisoo Fanfiction by damnallthetakennames
Suho x Jisoo Fanfictionby damnallthetakennames
This story is about Blackpink Jisoo and Exo Suho which where they both fall in love and go through thick and thin together . ( with some real life event ) Some spoiler...
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BLACKPINK Reactions And Imagines by Vivi1388
BLACKPINK Reactions And Imaginesby I'm Cute
Blackpink reactions and imagines. You can request some too so feel free (Gifs are not mine unless said so)
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The Royal Rose by canaryqueen
The Royal Roseby canaryqueen
The Royal Rose is a tradition held by the royal family for generations. Fifteen lucky girls are chosen to live at the royal court and compete for the title of the Royal...
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Guns and Roses {sequel to His, Hers, Ours} by repunzel0313
Guns and Roses {sequel to His, M_C0913
I wish I could just go to a corner and hide. pretend I don't exist. This club/ party type thing, whatever you call this place where I'm at, I could really do without. ...
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Yo Yo Yo JenLisa by PersonallyATaco
Yo Yo Yo JenLisaby PersonallyATaco
Just a few one-shots about JenLisa flirting with each other kekekekeke
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Secretly Married by yoongi1122
Secretly Marriedby 🐼 Yoon 🐼
Highest ranking in Fanfiction #1 (03/11/2018), (03/19/2018), (03/21/2018) and (04/03/2018) Secret Series - Book 1 Roseanne Park, Park Chaeyoung or BLACKPINK's Rosé - tha...
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The Bachelor (Published under Pop Fiction) by greenwriter
The Bachelor (Published under Janelle Ruiz
[PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION, AN IMPRINT OF SUMMIT MEDIA] One competition, one man, twenty-five women, and a bet. Zachary Astor wanted to be the Bachelor for one purpose...
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BLS #4 : Stabbed By Rose by beyondlocks
BLS #4 : Stabbed By Roseby Janice Martana
BLS #4 Maximillion Cesantio A Billionare who likes to change girls like changing clothes. The playboy of the group , he only need to smile and girls fall to his feet beg...
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Crush On Mr. Bad Boy [Unedited] by LiLLyCoOLeSt1
Crush On Mr. Bad Boy [Unedited]by Lils
[VERSION WITH EXTRA CHAPTERS OUT ON AMAZON!!!] [This Wattpad Version is the Unedited first draft.] Having a crush on someone isn't easy, especially when they're popular...
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JENLISA: My Beautiful Agasshi (COMPLETED) by skyaeacus
JENLISA: My Beautiful Agasshi ( j.buenc
Jennie a daughter of a multi billionaire, gets literally everything and anything she wants. Beautiful, intelligent and almost perfect. BUT she's an evil spoiled brat. Li...
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isang babaeng nagngangalang Jillianne Smith. ...maganda,mayaman,sexy,matalino, almost perfect na yun nga Lang 100% maldita... Lahat nang ito ay nagsimula sa kanyang half...
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Hard to Love ||Liskook|| by haiz54
Hard to Love ||Liskook||by haiz54
Jeon Jungkook heir of well know multinational textile company. Lalisa Manoban Famous and Top fashion designer. what happens when Handsome and dangerous heir and a cold...
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TOXIC (jenlisa) by i_zombie_bbr_rambo
TOXIC (jenlisa)by i_zombie_bbr_rambo
It's a story about gang rivalry between Lisa and Jennie. Jennie hate Lisa, Lisa hate Jennie. But for some reason they decided to pretend to be a couple in the eyes of t...
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BlackPink-Girl x Girl by Girl_Stuff_xox
BlackPink-Girl x Girlby Girl_Stuff_xox
black pink member x you Includes... >Reactions >Snapchat >If/How black pink.. >Imagines >Blackpink Moldboard Highest Rank (Kpop)#82
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