Kahit Di Mo Alam | Ricci Rivero  by levithy_
Kahit Di Mo Alam | Ricci Rivero by skydios
[ #1 in epistolary as of 01-13-19] Welcome to Messenger.
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Talk online - s.m // social media story by maggiexhayes
Talk online - s.m // social fab unicorn
Mia and shawn have bin internet friends for four years, both there lives just getting started when they finally meet. - #9 groupchat
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Error Code 404 (Saeran x Reader x Saeyoung) {Completed} by XxBlack_ThornxX
Error Code 404 (Saeran x Reader XxBlack_ThornxX
Error Code 404: not found The requested resource could not be found but... may be available in the future. Error Code 410: Gone The resource requested is no longer avai...
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Letter To The CEO by Krystel_Grace69
Letter To The CEOby Krystel Grace
Anderson "Andy" Brooks is slowly coming to realize that being a messenger boy is hopeless... and really exhausting. His daily routine consists of pushing a hea...
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Answer | Yoonminseok  by GloryPath
Answer | Yoonminseok by GloryPath
I am the superstar
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Mystic Messenger Memes 1 by Nemesissie
Mystic Messenger Memes 1by ...
This is mostly a picture book filled with mystic messenger memes , comics and photo's so enjoy~ I also don't own anything you can most probably find this on tumblr and G...
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scenarios + oneshots + zodiacs | mystic messenger by bakaah
scenarios + oneshots + zodiacs | ばか
[BOOK 2 IS NOW OUT :33] ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° ) i just got uR MESSAGES :D Mystic Messenger does not belong to me, all rights go to Cheritz
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In The Dark | Tom Holland [Social Media] by LewisLovesSpidey
In The Dark | Tom Holland [ House_Of_Lord_Tyrell
(Cover by @eleaellielle) After getting advice from his agent, singer Kingston Harleen moves into acting, even landing a job in 'Spiderman: Homecoming'. However, like mo...
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virtual boyfriend by JIMINTOKKI
virtual boyfriendby jin // ia
"y-you're.. real?!" 「jikook fanfiction」
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Mystic Messenger OneShots {Book 1} by SpaceStationChoi
Mystic Messenger OneShots {Book 1}by SpaceStationChoi
Mystic Messenger OneShots ~~ Requests: Closed *I don't own any of the characters I write about. They belong to Cheritz, the Mystic Messenger creators*
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Je t'aime trop  (Adrien Agreste/ Chat Noir X Reader) by JarelGomez13
Je t'aime trop (Adrien Agreste/ fuckyeahshklance
Amazing cover by @Mysticauthor-chan After consistent rejection, Chat Noir has learned that his love for Ladybug could never be returned for who he really is, neither as...
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Opposites Attract | Jumin Han Fanfic by MsTrustFundKid
Opposites Attract | Jumin Han Pesky Pickles
The female and male protagonists were born in two completely different worlds. Jumin Han, one of the directors in the C&R company and Yoona Kim, one of the most talented...
  • fluff
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  • juminxmc
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Hackers New Love by simplius
Hackers New Loveby simplius
-BOOK 4 OF OUR HACKER'S LOVE SERIES- [y/n] and Luciel are now married! They take on many more dramatic adventures and new challenges come up! Maybe children might be i...
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The Only One || Jumin Han x Reader (Mystic Messenger) by juminsxcat
The Only One || Jumin Han x lick my weenis
"DOES JUMIN HAN IS GAY?" "Actually, no, as I have found a woman which I am lucky enough to be by her side." "Oh really? I don't believe you.&quo...
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  • juminhanxreader
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My Life • Yoosung x Reader by kimtaehyvngs
My Life • Yoosung x Readerby kimtaehyvngs
in which a college student with a severe past meets another college student with a passion for video games. hellooo~ its the author. i just wanted to let all of you know...
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It all Started on Instagram || H.S x S.G (DISCONTINUED) by beth5299
It all Started on Instagram || beth
@harrystyles liked your picture @selenagomez commented on your picture highest rank #30 in fanfiction
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Starssenger | STAR WARS [Zawieszone]  by Natashy_Solo
Starssenger | STAR WARS [ - Haniutek -
Pewnego dnia ktoś napisał do mnie na messengerze. Była to sama Moc i poprosiła mnie, abym jakoś zintegrowała wszystkie postacie z całego uniwersum. Zgodziłam się, ale ty...
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In love || Instagram || SprouseHart  by Illyamber
In love || Instagram || illyAlexis
Lili Reinhart is an actress starting her new role in a show called Riverdale. She meets her best friend Camila or Cami Mendes and Madelaine Petsch. She also starts to fa...
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dimple boy ⇥ jung jaehyun by halohyuck
dimple boy ⇥ jung jaehyunby abbi ˘͈ᵕ˘͈
"o shit ur not johnny" "wow way to state the obvious" ⇔ a jaehyun ff written through (mostly) text format ⇔ chapters are extremely short btw ⇔ j.j.h...
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My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader) by Meila215
My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader)by Saeran's Lauv ♡
[[WARNING: ABUSE]] Y/N has been spending her life alone since she was around 10, her parents had put her up for adoption and she moved into an orphanage. As she grew up...
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