The Bad Boy by QveenCammy
The Bad Boyby Cammy
Last year, Ella Grace was beaten half to death by her sister and her friends, while her brother watched. Her two siblings went onto a summer trip, leaving her behind. Sh...
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  • high
  • cheerleader
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manan-tum mere ho  by vernikagangpuri
manan-tum mere ho by vershi
There are two souls who are very engrossed in their life read the story to know that how they love each other and how they start their journey and ya manik is the boss o...
  • fab5
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  • love
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Crash Into Me | ✓ by moonraess
Crash Into Me | ✓by Taylor Rae
[WATTYS 2018 WINNER - THE HEARTBREAKERS] We fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily, and care too much. [Completed/Currently editing]
  • depression
  • love
  • cancer
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Just Mates•• Jesse Lingard by HarperJlingzRashy
Just Mates•• Jesse Lingardby Harper <3
Just mates••Jesse lingard Harper González try's to follow her dreams then meets her 'dream' man. Obviously everything's not perfect, what will happen. Jesse Lingard
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What Happened That Night by LyssFrom1996
What Happened That Nightby | Lyss |
[Now a Wattpad Feature story!] No one knows why Emily Porterfield murdered Griffin Tomlin that night. No one except for her younger sister, Clara, anyway. Nothing has be...
  • young-adult
  • romance
  • friendship
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The Romanov Sisters |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Romanov Sisters |Lesbian Story|by S V E T A
The whole world has changed. In the year 2054, the human race is no longer the largest population on earth. The global invasion of a new yet not quite new species has fo...
  • dystopia
  • princess
  • lgbt
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Incest Family (GirlXGirl) by PRITHVI96
Incest Family (GirlXGirl)by PRITHVI96
This is not my story . I am posting this for fun.
  • neice
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I AM IN LOVE by UrvashiAarushi
I AM IN LOVEby UrvashiAarushi
Hey. I'm Manik Malhotra. Hey, I'm Nandini Murty. Manik: m singer and fab5 band member and I study in space academy Mumbai. Nandini: I live in Delhi and came to Mumbai t...
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Sink or Swim✓ (Teen Romance) by AnneLutz
Sink or Swim✓ (Teen Romance)by anne
Finn Delson--more commonly known as Cassi's sister--has spent her entire life in the shadows. She is the good girl who usually goes undetected by those around her. Ellio...
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His Proposal (completed) [Wattys2017] by Dredge116
His Proposal (completed) [ Dredge
Chloe Knight is a caregiver to her seriously ill sister who was recently diagnosed with leukaemia, not too long after their parents deaths. She went looking for a job an...
  • death
  • brother
  • life
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The Wolves That Are by LyssFrom1996
The Wolves That Areby | Lyss |
Sailor Webster doesn't know what happened the night her sister died, but she knows who does. Sailor Webster never expected the night of her prom to end in a hospital af...
  • death
  • girlxboy
  • heartache
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A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x Reader) by gorgeous_levi
A Choice with no Regrets (Levi x Jhasmine
(Y/n) is a warrior. A warrior who considered the Underground City as her real home. A warrior who only thinks about herself and not prying into other's businesses. A w...
  • fight
  • shingekinokyojin
  • fangirl
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Random Facts | ✎ by once-upon-a-star
Random Facts | ✎by ᴋᴀᴛɪᴇ
  • brothers
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Judge Me Not ... by Vanicao
Judge Me Not Vanicao
June has a one night passionate encounter with a stranger named Dmitri. She then returns to her very ordinary life only to realise that 'her stranger' is none other than...
  • secrets
  • sisters
  • illness
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Ensnared by Psykix
Ensnaredby Psykix
She had a pretty good life, to tell the truth. Working as a trauma nurse in the emergency room of her town had been engaging and rewarding, and nightly dinners with her...
  • werewolf
  • fantasy
  • nurse
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His Forgotten Queen by unanimous_28
His Forgotten Queenby ✨тнє υикиσωи✨
Book 1 of 'His Queen' Series: Princess Isabella Danvers was married to Prince Reed at the age of eighteen. She is the oldest of four sisters and she was to marry the p...
  • love
  • sister
  • arrangemarriage
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One Of A Kind Love ♢ Klaus Mikaelson by txmblr-love
One Of A Kind Love ♢ Klaus
Estelle Gilbert is the famous twin sister of Elena Gilbert and older sister of Jeremy Gilbert. They love each other to death and would do anything for each other even di...
  • elenagilbert
  • klausmikaelson
  • blood
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The Dancer And The Gang Leader (Complete) by RL0303
The Dancer And The Gang Leader ( Reynah Lopez
Hayden Star and Luke Hunter, does those names ring a bell? No? Well, they will when you find out that they're both gang leaders. Find out what happeneds when both gang l...
  • romance
  • obstacles
  • bestfriends
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Vision cleared~ Gremma by morgansmiths
Vision cleared~ Gremmaby morgansmiths
Grayson Dolan a Youtuber who films with his twin brother, Ethan Dolan. Grayson never have been interested in any girl, but it all changed when he met this girl... Find o...
  • drama
  • dolan
  • bromance
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Her Sister, Her Shadow by ALittleSongBird
Her Sister, Her Shadowby LittleSongBird
Anemone Komori is Yui Komori's younger twin sister, or rather, her shadow. "Who am I, her sister, her shadow? The latter." Prologue: Her Shadow (Anemone's PO...
  • laitosakamaki
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