Painted Strings (Ink x Error)  by Ruthko32
Painted Strings (Ink x Error) by Ruthko
Ink and Error has been fighting for many resets/years. One day Ink wanted to stop fighting confronting to Error. Error took it as an advantage attacking Ink but Ink didn...
  • error
  • cream
  • undertale
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Cream- A Dream Come True (Dream X Cross sans) by Dazzling_Dragon
Cream- A Dream Come True (Dream "Idiot :3"
  • dreamxcross
  • crosssansxdreamsans
  • love
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+*~α ∂яєαм тнαт ωσи'т єи∂~*+ by Awkward_Sm0l_Bean
+*~α ∂яєαм тнαт ωσи'т єи∂~*+by ~*+ Smol Bean +*~
Ya know Just your everyday Cream fanfic Cross is a boy, Dream is a girl. Why is Dream a girl? CUZ SCREW LOGIC Anyway, lemme just update this desc. ~~~~~~~ Dream and Cros...
  • ausanses
  • sanses
  • cross
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Captured! A undertale au story (lemon) by Lavenderheartz
Captured! A undertale au story ( Lavenderheartz
The star sanses and lavender were captured by the bad sanses! what will happen to them? ps: lavender is not a star sans
  • cross
  • nightmare
  • undertaleau
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Ut Ships Fluff,Sins(sanscest,no Frontcest,any Kind) And Funny Undertale Image by jhuana_infinity
Ut Ships Fluff,Sins(sanscest,no infinity
this is a sin picture books if your innocent dont look or you innocents are gone and replaced into a sinner so dont pls and some of the chapters have funny pics
  • kustard
  • sanscest
  • errorink
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Undertale au sins by Faythsmithson123
Undertale au sinsby Fayth da creator
(How on earth did I get here?) ahem! Anyways, as it says in the title, this is where I will be putting pictures of sins! :D!!! And Holy shit this got popular....what's w...
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Sancest oneshots book by iskin2
Sancest oneshots bookby Charlie-Jams
Okay, so I'm trying to start off easy with a Sancest oneshots book. I will probably mainly write Pj x Fresh and their other alternate versions of themselves, but that's...
  • inkxerror
  • cream
  • xclusive
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Mint to Be by Ilikebigboooks
Mint to Beby I LIKE BIG BOOKS!
All Noelani wanted was 25 cent ice cream. Little did she know, that the ice cream came with a cost. And it was a heck of a lot more than 25 cents. ...
  • romance
  • hehehdhehehe
  • ice
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Sonic boys x reader 7 minutes in heaven/one- shots by dragonflyer2002
Sonic boys x reader 7 minutes in
just one- shots with your favorite sonic boys!
  • 7mininheaven
  • amy
  • shadow
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Sanscest One-shots (Fluff/Sin) :::Requests:::OPEN by GleaeMC
Sanscest One-shots (Fluff/Sin) Gleae
Going for a round two and hopefully it won't get taken down again. This is going to be for my Sanscest one-shots. Request to your hearts content and I will try to write...
  • oneshots
  • dustkiller
  • afterdeath
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Comics y imágenes: ErrorInk,Cream,AfterDeath,Poth,etc... by -Cristalensita-
Comics y imágenes: ErrorInk, -PERSONA.PNG-
Encontraras -comics y memes de Undertale Y Tambien ships como: -ErrorInk -Cream -AfterDeath -NightmareCross - Letter x Fire Etc ? Advertencia ? -Contenido Yaoi/ChicoxC...
  • sanscest
  • undertale
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Quest for love (Afterdeath) by 12Keanna
Quest for love (Afterdeath)by IT’SA ME, LUIGI
This is a story about Geno, Error and Fresh who are new to under high. Error and Fresh becomes the school's jocks but Geno is a nerd. He hates everyone but a certain som...
  • afterdeath
  • errorink
  • paperjam
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Bloody Love~ (HorrorLust) by IlleraSpark
Bloody Love~ (HorrorLust)by InkyIsMySenpai
Lust, the Sans that everybody hates, is sick and tired of his AU. He wants to try something new but, what is that 'new'? He went through a portal and ended up in a blood...
  • undertaleau
  • dustberry
  • nightkill
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(Shadamy) Ebony Rose by WannabeEmPad
(Shadamy) Ebony Roseby EMMY
Amy has been in love with certain blue hedgehog since she was 12, and when he finally grows the courage to tell her how he really feels, Amy is left re-thinking her whol...
  • angst
  • drugs
  • gun
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Undertale rp book by iskin2
Undertale rp bookby Charlie-Jams
I get bored really easily and I love to role play so I felt like making this book. I will try to come up with some scenarios and I can take OC's, I'll just need a descri...
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  • fallencre
  • xclusive
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Them Boys by Maximum_118
Them Boysby Multi Fandom
Geno, Error, and Fresh are new to Multi Town the three brothers head to a school known as Multi High School. The three are completely separated Error goes and hangs out...
  • swapfell
  • mystery
  • adventure
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Crime (A multiship story) by DThepurplesoul
Crime (A multiship story)by DThepurplesoul
Cross, Reaper, Horror, Killer, Error and Dust are criminals, constantly on the run. They stay on one city then are forced to run to another city once the police find out...
  • cream
  • horrorxlust
  • dustberry
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The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
  • pain
  • cupcake
  • school
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Sonic crew X reader chat room by SpiritTheSingingWolf
Sonic crew X reader chat roomby 3Authors, main-Spirit, second...
You and some of the Sonic cast start up a Chatroom one day! Unknown to all of you it would start, drama, fights, laughs, and Mobians questioning your sanity! Randomness...
  • xreaderchatroom
  • shadow
  • silverxreader
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"Undertale Pics"030 by R3DFAITH
"Undertale Pics"030by Call me lil’ Cutie
There will be some Ships,Lemons and Many Many More! And just to remind you!,The arts are not mines! If it is! I'll tell you! T^T Bye!
  • ships
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