Chapter Eighteen: Alphonse & Betty

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            “Are you ready?”

            I took a deep breath and opened the door. Aeriel and Charisse gasped. I suddenly felt panicked. My hands flew to my dress. “What? What? Is everything okay? Doesn’t it look good to me?”

            Aeriel regained her composure and gave me a very big enthusiastic grin. “It looks soo good on you, Kate! It’s like that dress was made for you.” Then she turned to Charisse, raising an eyebrow. “Where did you buy this thing?”

            Charisse shrugged. “I didn’t buy it. I just saw it on my closet this morning and when you told me about that party later, I thought it would be good if Kate would wear it.”

            Aeriel narrowed her eyes. “Do you suppose you still have other dresses there?”

            “Wanna check?”


            When Aeriel and Charisse disappeared at my room, my eyes went down to my outfit and I can’t help admiring it. It was a black strapless party dress. I can’t help noticing how my skin looks so white with the black dress on.

            It’s a Tuesday afternoon and we only had a half-day. Charisse persuaded the principal to cut the class because she needs the afternoon to practice the Choir Club for the competition tomorrow. But she stopped working early and came back at the house at four-thirty.

            It was already five-thirty and I was getting ready. Patrick would be here at six to pick Aeriel and me so we could go to his house for our little goodbye party. This was supposed to be held tomorrow but I insisted to held it tonight so Patrick and I could have tomorrow for ourselves. It’s not that big party. Only I, Patrick, Aeriel, BJ, Carl, Fatima and Beverly will go. Well, Beverly was forced to go by Fatima because the party is going to be held at their house.

            I walked back and forth, training my feet to the new high-heeled shoes Charisse lent me. I was pretty nervous. And not only because maybe I could trip on these stupid three-inches high shoes.

            But because I am going to meet Patrick’s step dad, Alphonse and Mom tonight.

            I practically can’t sleep last night. What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m a bad influence on Patrick? What if they don’t like my sense of style? What if they don’t like my status of life? What if they hate me? What if they don’t want me for Patrick?

            Wait. Scratch out the last what-if. I’m leaving tomorrow. And this is going to be my last night on Earth. They won’t even remember me after tonight.

            I sighed and sat at my bed, looking sad. It’s true. After I leave, Bella will cast a spell on everyone that I didn’t exist—except Patrick. Aeriel said she wouldn’t take his memory away. And I am grateful with that. Because when I leave, it will be like I never existed.

            BJ won’t remember me. Fatima and Carl wouldn’t know me. And Beverly… Well, Beverly would try her best to flirt at Patrick. Joanne would even remember that she and Patrick are still together. Only Patrick will remember me. I forced a smile. At least there will be someone who will not forget about me.

            Aeriel is not yet sure. I don’t to force her to choose now. She needs some time on her own. And maybe with Carl, too. She told me in her ninety-nine years of existence, she never ever met someone like Carl.

            I didn’t know how long I was just sitting there, thinking about tomorrow. Aeriel opened the door to my room and poked her head inside. She grinned at me. “Patrick is already downstairs! You better see him.”

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