Chapter Nine: Meet the Adams Sisters

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Have I told you before about my superhuman strength? That I have extraordinary things other people doesn't have? I didn't know I am that strong. Too bad I experimented Patrick on this matter.

On the minute he pressed his lips to mine, I panicked. But I didn't pulled away that fast. For the first few seconds, I need to admit I had a good time. I was never been kissed before, of course. The feeling was great. Then I snapped back to reality.

I pushed Patrick so hard that he landed on the floor with a loud thud, groaning. I gasped and rushed over him. "Oh, Patrick, I'm so sorry," I muttered. "Are you badly hurt?"

Patrick coughed a little and formed a smile but it quickly turned into a wince when he tried to move, like a small movement hurts. "That was one hell of a push, Kate," he said. "Where did you learn how to push like that?"

As I opened my mouth to make up a story, I noticed that part of the floor cracked a little bit. My eyes widened. Oh no. I pushed him so hard the floor cracked. No ordinary teenage human girl could to this. "Um... adrenaline rush, I guess?" I said. "Can you sit down?"

He tried positioning himself sitting but he just groaned and fall at his back again with a loud thud. I bit my lip and knelt beside him, leaned closer and studied his face. His eyes were shut of secret pain. His lips were pressed together in agony. His breathing was very fast, like every air counts. He opened an eye and formed a brief smile. "Checking if you're still gonna have a kiss?" he asked teasingly.

I blushed. "Of course not," I said. "Why did you kiss me?"

Patrick closed his eye again. "Lean closer, Kate," he said. "I like your presence... Your very presence relaxes me..."

And so I did. Then a female voice gasped. "Oh my gosh," she said. I turned and saw a red-headed girl who was staring at us. She's a teenage like us, maybe seventeen years old, too. 

I stood up and smiled nervously. "Hi, I'm Kate Roberts," I said. "I'm a friend of Patrick Hall. And you are?"

"Beverly Adams," the red-head said. "I'm a cousin of Patrick." She glanced at him. "Why are you lying on the floor?"

"Because I'm hurt," Patrick said. He then sat up effortlessly and leaned on the will would wincing or groaning. I gaped at him, jaws dropped. He laughed at my expression. "Told you I am a good actor."

I rolled my eyes. The creep! He was acting the whole time. And to think I almost died with guilt! But what about the crack? ... Maybe it's been there before. "Yes, you really are," I snapped.

"Don't get cold," Patrick said, leaning towards me and putting his arm on my shoulders. I tried to shrug it away but he's too strong. Then he looked back at Beverly and gave her a sweet smile. "Hi, Bevs! When did you got here?"

"Just now," Beverly said. "Where's Uncle Alphonse?"

"Work," Patrick said shortly.

"When he gets here, please let me know," Beverly said. "I'll be in my room."

She turned to leave but halfway on her trip at the stairs, she glanced back at Patrick, who was toying with my hair. Beverly's eyes started to twinkle and her lips formed a little smile. Then her eyes moved to mine and we locked eyes. Her eyes suddenly flared with... what? Anger? Jealousy? I don't know. But I know her lips were pressed together with anger. Then she turned to look back at the stairs and continued walking.

I blinked. I didn't know what to think about her attitude. I looked back at Patrick. "Is she really your cousin?" I asked.

"Alice's cousin," Patrick said. "Which means we're not really related. She's from Alphonse's family."

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