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Happiness - MileApo by mrahaaa
Happiness - MileApoby mrahaaa
To achieve Happiness, there is a lot of pain to face. Will that Happiness come your way? or Will that Happiness go away?
SHATTERED TRUST  by phenoix444
SHATTERED TRUST by phenoix444
It's just a imagination. If Porsche is shattered like a glass after the return of Tay tawan . Will he able to find his own happiness or will lose himself in world of pa...
CHILDREN  by vaishulg
CHILDREN by kinn❤Porche
one short
ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE ✓ by onceinwhile
Kinn and Vegas souls were mistakenly exchanged when they were involved in a car accident at the same moment as the purple moon appeared. When they learn about it, they t...
His Smile - MileApo | KinnPorsche  by QUEENIKINII
His Smile - MileApo | KinnPorsche by QUEENIKINI
I just want someone to ask me, Are you okay Porsche ? So I can tell them "I am doing my best to go on.." ______________________________ AUTHOR : QUEENIKINI G...
kp smut by KabboSanyal
kp smutby Kabbo Sanyal
This is all my imagination. The characters credit doesn't belong to me. Enjoy
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete) by justadevil
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete)by stella
Pete was appointed as The Chief of Bodyguard of Major Family replacing Chan. Meanwhile, Vegas try to break Pete in two because Pete wasn't captured when he sneaked in ba...
If It's The Last Day Of Mine by Superstar4Ever
If It's The Last Day Of Mineby LuluDelulu
Porsche loves Kinn too much to ever put himself first, and it ultimately becomes the cause of his doom. . . . Kinn knows he's about to lose the only thing which matters...
Rewritten Destiny by Sum264
Rewritten Destinyby Just Another Fangirl
If episode fourteen happened differently? What would have happened instead? This is a rewrite of episode fourteen plus it's aftermath. If you don't like the following...
Away from you(omegaver) by GaSa771
Away from you(omegaver)by Ga Sa
A little girl peek through the door. "Grandpa" korn look at his granddaughter. "Kiara what are you doing here?" "Why daddy is not home today.Do...
Who are you? Kinnporsche Story by blworldandme
Who are you? Kinnporsche Storyby fujoshi_me
This is kinnporsche fanfiction Porsche and kinn are University students no one knows Porsche is secret mafia , hacker, spy apo.kinn is mafia king and is searching for a...
You Lost Me by ArchiSingh148
You Lost Meby Archi Singh
just a short story and sad ending sorry
kinnporsche oneshots by Prob_watched_toomany
kinnporsche oneshotsby Prob_watched_toomanyseries
just fluffy oneshots about kinnporsche characters bcuz the head canons are not enough . Warning:i don't own any of these character. . . . . #where'smy15thepisode??
Porsche's love  by Sky7285
Porsche's love by Sky
They hated Porsche, he was left alone. Now they want him back but he gave up on them. He doesn't wanna look at them. They accused him cheating. May contain mature conte...
Friends or Lovers? by KimMaisha123
Friends or Lovers?by Chelly of Apo 🍒
This mini story is posted as a "Sorry" for not being able to make parts for the side couple of my another story "Step Brother's Love" (JeffGame). Hop...
Destiny to Love you (ff- kinnporsche) by Devilananya5904
Destiny to Love you (ff- kinnporsc...by flying phoenix
P : sometime love means sacrifices..... PE : that means you love him.....
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The Marigold Wilts As the Daisies Blooms by marigoldwrites09
The Marigold Wilts As the Daisies...by Marigoldwriter09
Boss x Secretary BL AU. Vegas Pete Fanfic from Kinn Porsche the Series. There is no similarity to the Novels or the Series except for the character names and dynamics. ...
our love [ kimchay ] by peteesaeng
our love [ kimchay ]by bibiuushineee
A kimchay au where a College student (Porchay) falls inlove with a famous singer and actor named Kimhan. ; this au was based in my imagination and some au that I read be...
Bodyguard University: I Hate Loving You by aiNingKing
Bodyguard University: I Hate Lovin...by aiNingKing
"You can't honestly be mad at me right now. You kissed me!" Bodyguard University is Thailand's only school in which students are exclusively chosen to train a...
Together (VegasPorsche)  by ha_ur_gay
Together (VegasPorsche) by Lyn <3
okay gays, so this is a omegaverse story where porsche have a son with Vegas. Everyone know about this but kinn is the only one who doesn't know it yet... Ship : -Vega...