yellow ➸ camren by txrches
yellow ➸ camrenby lena
FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private...
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Blunt Knives And Brutal Hearts  by yuan_fen
Blunt Knives And Brutal Hearts by 可愛い
Finals are coming up for Peter Parker, he no longer has time to spare for being Spider-Man. Luckily, New York crime seems to be a little understating for a while. Well...
  • action
  • spiderman
  • deadpool
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A E S T H E T I C S by Midnight_Ramblings
A E S T H E T I C Sby What's in a name?
A collection of writings and photographs with an aesthetic each. Note: I do not own any of the photographs unless stated otherwise. I found all of these on Pinterest.
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Steven Diamond Universe - Cover by pinkdiamond @pleaseleavemealoneno by 8765china
Steven Diamond Universe - Cover It's just my opinion
Rose Quartz got caught during the early stages of pregnancy and had to revert to her original form to avoid getting shattered from there Pink tells the other diamonds ab...
  • stevenuniverse
  • diamonds
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voltron x reader [ oneshots ] by stellaisprettychill
voltron x reader [ oneshots ]by cup/of/SUGA
A series of random one shots with your fav characters Lance,Keith,Shiro,Pidge,Hunk,Allura and Coran,Coran,the gorgeous man!
  • hunk
  • keith
  • paladin
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Voltron AU by SilentSong367
Voltron AUby feathermist132
Shiro worked at a daycare..until he had to leave,10 years later he comes back,and is shocked to find everything changed(I changed ages)
  • wattys2018
  • klance
  • lance
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Poisonous - Shidge by lladynoir
Poisonous - Shidgeby Author Chan
The Galra want to take over Voltron, the only option they have is to take the black lion but in order to do that they must take the most precious thing away from the Bla...
  • defenders
  • allura
  • voltron
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Once Upon A Time......(Shin-ah X OC) by OfficialDumpling621
Once Upon A Time......(Shin-ah X OfficialDumpling621
A long time ago lived the species , ancient species that could themselves shape the world. After they disappeared, and humans came. The world forgot them. Then came alo...
  • jae-ha
  • anime
  • shin-ahxreader
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Voltron: The Lions by ari-ridrake
Voltron: The Lionsby ri-ri
The Lions need more love. I do not own characters or pictures
  • lions
  • red
  • hunk
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Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe x reader) by CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire is different, instead of seeing the future, she can make one. After an outburst of rage, Purple Sapphire give Pink Diamond a fate of shattering, and she...
  • bluediamond
  • rose
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rainbow ;; s.cb x l.fl by nielsgummybear
rainbow ;; s.cb x l.flby baby changbean
[COMPLETED] colorful - like the rainbow purple - like ... blue - like ... green - like ... yellow - like ... orange - like ... red - like ... white - like ...
  • changlix
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The Color Yellow ~ Blaise Zabini by zabinis_ukulele
The Color Yellow ~ Blaise Zabiniby Jin's shoulders
Blaise would never see the color yellow the same again... 💛 A story in which an arrogant, aristocratic Slytherin sits next to a cheerful, artistic Hufflepuff and falls...
  • suicide
  • malfoy
  • hogwarts
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The Story Of The Forgotten by CynthiaFanBoyXD
The Story Of The Forgottenby Cynthia Shirona
Ash opens his eyes, it's burning all around him. He doesn't remember what happened ... After the Sinnoh league he was on his way home and after that everything is black...
  • wattys2018
  • satoshi
  • ash
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Pokemon Oneshots & Scenarios (Pokeboys X Reader:Requests Open)  by silvallygx
Pokemon Oneshots & Scenarios ( Z
A collection of some one shots and scenarios? When I cant find any Pokemon stories online~ Requests are currently open as well Ranked #3 in Pokemon Oneshots
  • yellow
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Yellow (A Hamilton (Jeggy) Fanfiction) by Cocoa11121
Yellow (A Hamilton (Jeggy) Cocoa
I gave up saying "And Peggy" A long time ago. Let's be real, it hadn't worked. Nobody noticed the middle sister, even when I wore yellow 24/7. But something ch...
  • broken
  • peggy
  • angelica
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Voltron One-Shots →Requests Closed← by summer_star_
Voltron One-Shots →Requests Closed←by ✎Chloe✎
☆REQUESTS CLOSED☆ COVER MADE BY: @Summer_star_ An array of one-shots about your favorite couples​ on Voltron. I will take any requests!! My one-shots are under ed...
  • fantasy
  • pidge
  • allura
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Trickster by o0GinjaNinja0o
Tricksterby Amy Castles
A teenage girl named Anaya meets a wolf and discovers something dangerous. Follow along for an action packed tale of werewolves and vampires- danger, mystery and suspens...
  • bloodshifter
  • royalblood
  • werewolf
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Hello August 🌻 || lt  by sassylougal
Hello August 🌻 || lt by ❝ s m i k k i ❞
in which a boy writes thirty one letters to his new neighbor. daily update :)
  • shy
  • cute
  • younglove
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Atlas Universe: 51 #0 [CURRENTLY UNDER REWORK] by AtlasAtLess
Atlas Universe: 51 #0 [CURRENTLY A.E. Atiles
Atlas Universe: 51#0 The Time has come for Sigma Squadron to fulfill their purpose as Mikundrian Troopers; To defend the very meaning of normal life as we know it. For...
  • soldiers
  • reworked
  • sci-fi
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words like honey by FlowersAndBTS
words like honeyby existing
'' i like the way you talk, it's like honey, hard to escape but so easy to fall into ,, where a lonely girl gets complimented on her honey; one sweet, complex love with...
  • words
  • love
  • poetry
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