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Stuck by mgswilkins
Stuckby mgswilkins
During an akuma attack, ladybug's transformation runs out so she has to leave Chat noir to fight the akuma. But this is no ordinary akuma, this one destroys a whole buil...
The Immortal Prince ✔️ by Midika
The Immortal Prince ✔️by Midika
"Tomorrow, we don't have to speak of this again." I hardly know what I'm asking. I just know I want whatever it is. He watches me with an intensity only he is...
A Burning Desire  by rubykiqsses
A Burning Desire by rubykiqsses
de·sire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ noun a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. ⚠️SMUT, SEXUAL WARNING⚠️ This story contains sexual content. i...
𝐇𝐈𝐒 𝐌𝐔𝐒𝐄 by -ecstasyxoxo-
"Yes forgive me daddy, for I'm a very bad girl." "It's forgive me father for I have sinned." - Isadora is a freshly 18 year old girl who has "...
It Only Took One Time  by ilovMariNior
It Only Took One Time by ilovMariNior
Marinette was confused on who she loved more Adrien or Chat but Adrien/Chat already made up his mind that he was in love with Marinette and when Adrien was desperate...
My Untainted Love by lsviv25
My Untainted Loveby lsviv25
"He cannot satisfy a woman in bed,"she accused. "Anjali..."a painful yelp left his mouth. "I'm saying the truth...we have been married for almos...
Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️ by nickysweetangel
Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️by nickysweetangel
Highest Rank 1# Mystery 28/5 This a very mature and dark story so read it keeping tissue paper. Just trust me i will never disappoint my readers. A story of a tormented...
Our Little Sin (Akaza x Reader) by eurus_f
Our Little Sin (Akaza x Reader)by eurus
(y/n) was taken in by Kagaya Ubuyashiki when she was 12. Both her parents died from a mudslide when she was 8, so she has been living and surviving on her own. As time g...
Sin Archbishop From a Common Place To World's Strongest by Aleiisekai
Sin Archbishop From a Common Alei
{Re-Writing // Heavy Editing} You get Isekai'd into the world of Arifureta with Regulus Corneas's Authority of Greed [Some chapters are being Re-Written] [Just to be cl...
(Fr)Enemies by lafayettesgurl
(Fr)Enemiesby Lafayette’s Gf
Book three in the Vincent Series: Grace Harlow used to live a perfect life. She was pretty and innocent with a best friend who would die for her. And she would die for h...
undertale Sanscest/xreader Lemons (Requests CLOSED) by Multishipper1449
undertale Sanscest/xreader Paperjam14
Do I really need to explain.......fine. Hello sinners I will be doing lemons,fluff and three somes I will also be doing Sanscest, XReader and anything else you would lik...
An Unknown Bond [Zeldris x OC] by Nini_Laufeyson
An Unknown Bond [Zeldris x OC]by Denise
Shortly after the kingdom is freed from Hendrickson, you feel a well to known strong power and know that the Holy War will continue. There is only one way for you to ave...
Sanscest OneShots{REQUESTS OPEN!} by CharlieEatsWaffle
Sanscest OneShots{REQUESTS OPEN!}by Waffle-Man, the gayest hero!
Request anything you want, and I'll do it! I do have some limits though, which I will state in the book.
~Sanscest Oneshots~ by Shhshsuudy
~Sanscest Oneshots~by Shhshsuudy
Requests open! Fluff: ☁️ Angst: 🖤 Crack: 💥 Sin/Lemon: 🍋 #2 in sanscestoneshots on Friday 16th April 2021 #1 in sanscestoneshots on Tuesday 15th June 2021
Ars Goetia (DxD) by pausevlim
Ars Goetia (DxD)by PaUsE
The true son of Lucifer and Lilith that died during birth, only to become something more Disclaimer: I do not own any of this except my OCs
Stuck with Love (✔) by -melodious_song
Stuck with Love (✔)by Melodious Song
This is the Journey of Zaeem and Aneesha who fell in love at first sight. Does only love will be enough to have a successful relationship? Can Love exist without Trust...
More than friends (Female Chara x reader) by Friskybits13
More than friends (Female Chara Cringe
Yes there will be mistakes >:3