Chapter 4 - Meet the family

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I saw about three kids stare at me in awe, as if I had two heads or something. Which made me more nervous than intended to and a sigh escaped my lips. I saw Hunter smile down at them and smirk at my expression and I closed my mouth and glared at him to speak already.

“So here is the lovely bunch” he started “This little beauty here is Cassie whose thirteen” he declared pointing to a slightly overweight pretty girl with straight blonde hair that fell over her shoulders in layers, her dark coal eyes twinkled and her rosy lips turned to a smile, making me love her a bit more.

“Hello” she said shyly and twiddled her hair “Hunter onii-chan who is she?” Her voice had an edge towards it and I grimaced maybe she didn’t like me.

“This lovely lady I shall tell you who she is later” he winked and went back to telling me who the next kids were “This here is Tei whose seven and this little guy here is Kyle whose five” he said pointing to two adorable kids who had the same hair colour as their cousin and I was amazed at how different they were to Cassie.

“It’s nice to meet you guys” I said politely, which is true I really adored kids and this was a perfect meeting with them.

I was beginning to feel scared; to be attached to these kids would mean not leaving them. And I couldn’t handle saying goodbye so would happen if I was to leave like that or vice versa with Hunter? How would I cope more because I wasn’t used to letting go off people I felt even more depressed. I felt a nudge towards me. And I looked down to see the lovely Kyle staring back at me with a flower that looked like a beautiful pink carnation, that took my breath away. I saw a pink tinged baby holding a flower towards me I grinned in awe.

“I think he likes you” Cassie replied laughing I bent down to Kyle’s length and beamed with joy.

“Is that true?” I replied smiling, “Can I have this?” I took the small carnation and placed it in my hair which made the boy giggle.

“You look beautiful” declared Cassie who blushed at her outburst I laughed.

“Thank you it means a lot” I smiled feeling a bit better today seeing these kids made my day a bit more worthwhile.

“Come on let’s play some more games” declared the rowdy boy Tei, he was a very active child I guessed. They all rushed off to play some games and I was once again left with the man I was bound to forever.

“I guess they're happy with you” he said to me with awe and I looked back to see if he wanted them to hate me or something?

“I think I’m going to go back in” I declared and walked away I saw him blinking a couple of times before looking at the kids, I left him tending to them and I walked through the corridor and basked in this great place.

And without realising I bumped into someone and I heard the other person growl in frustration. I looked towards the person I did bump into and I grimaced. She looked really angry at me, I could see anger swirling through her eyes and I was about to say something but she interrupted in such a hostile manner I was thrown back.

“WATCH IT!” she yelled “Jeez these idiotic maids have nothing better to do” she looked me up and down and glared.

“Excuse me, but I’m-” I said wide eyed before she cut me off

“What are you stupid? Illiterate or something get back to work here, take these to my room and get me something to drink” she said casually and walked down the hallway, I looked at her open mouth what just happened here?

“Wait what do I do with these?” I yelled at her she turned and looked as if I was stupid.

“I’m not paying you to be stupid, hurry up and get me my drink and put those clothes away” she said clapping her hands as if to say I was a dog or something.

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