Chapter 37

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Calvin dragged me into the living room and sat me down on the couch, while he put in a movie. I sat and thought and though of ways I could get out but all of them ended with me killing him. Its not that I love him or even care for him but I just really don't want to kill anyone, no matter who it is. He grabbed a blanket and came to sit next to me. He wrapped the blanket around me and sat as close as he possibly could next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt myself cringe at the though of him touching me. I sat and stared at the t.v. trying to make it look like I was actually watching it, but I was still thinking of ways I could get out. All the sudden I felt his breath on my neck and then I felt his lips kissing on my neck.

"Calvin what are you doing?" My breath was shaky from pure disgust.

"I'm kissing what is mine. You are mine Alyson, you always have been mine and I'm just gonna show you how much I love you." I felt my eyes widen in shock when I realized what he was going to try to do. He was going to try to have sex with me! He flipped me around in his arms so I was laying under his and he started to kiss my neck and down on my chest. I started to fight back pushing him away and hitting him anywhere I could. "ERIC HELP ME" I yelled through my mind, knowing Eric would hear me.

"Now Alyson, you know you want this just as much as I do. Stop fighting and give into me. You know you love me." I shook and fought against his grasp. I could tell he was starting to get angry with me, he put his hands around my wrist and pinned me down. All the sudden I heard a growl and turned my head to look out the window. There stood Eric and a bunch of other wolves from my pack. I lipped "Help me." I could see the fury raging through Eric's eyes as he started to run toward the house.

"Calvin get the hell off of me. You are really about to regret this." He looked at me with confusion and I guess he didn't hear all the growls that were heading his way. I heard a big thump and then the front door was knocked down and standing there in its place was a veryy pissed off Eric......

Eric P.O.V

Not far ahead of us was a cabin and I was so shocked to see what was inside. There sat Ali in his arms watching a movie. Maybe I was too late, maybe she really did care for him. They sat there and Ali just stared at the t.v., and I was starting to get really mad. I don't care if she did love him, she was MY MATE, and she was coming home with me! All the sudden Calvin started to kiss her neck and I heard her ask him what he was doing. In reply he told her that he was kissing what was his and that is all I heard before I switched back into my wolf and was shaking with fury. I saw Calvin turn her in his arms and lay on top of her. At first I thought she was going along with it but then I saw her start to fight him, and I heard a scared voice run through my head yelling "ERIC HELP ME." That's all it took for me to start running to her. I growled and saw her head turn my way and her eyes widen at the sight of me. Her little lips moved till I saw she was saying "Help me."

I ran and ran till I was at the front door and with one run I knocked it down and I grabbed Calvin. I took my teeth and grabbed his shirt slamming him into a wall. I looked at Ali motioning her to run out of the house. She just nodded and ran till she was at the window, watching I guess to make sure I was ok. I turned my head back to Calvin and saw that I had already knocked him unconscious, but he was starting to wake up. I ran at him again and slung him up in the air biting him on the legs and making sure I did some damage.

"You know she will always love me, she Is mine." Calvin said through a whisper voice. But I just laughed cause this guy really is crazy. I growled and let a big bite into his neck. Within a few seconds, I heard his heart stop and I knew he was dead. I turned my head to look at Ali and saw she was passed out on the ground. I instantly switched back and ran to her.

"Ali, Ali are you ok?" I shook her and she slowly started to wake up. She looked at me and I saw relief go through her eyes.

"You re ok Eric, Were ok." I nodded as I picked her up and carried MY mate home.....

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