Chapter 24

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I woke up next to Eric and smiled thinking about the fact that this was our last night before we would be married.The memory of us getting married brought a bunch of other memory's up to. I have so much to get done today before tomorrow and honestly I have no clue how I am suppose to get done on time.I have to finish getting all the decorations up, do a test run of my hair and makeup, practice our vows, worry about what my mother might do tomorrow and have to think of a way to tell everyone that I am pregnant. Eric must have sense the panic going on in my mind cause his eyes opened up and he just stared at me.

"Ali are you ok?Your mind is going so fast I cant understand any of it." I giggled and probably looked like a woman losing her mind.

"Yeah sorry I'm just thinking of all the things I have to get finish and everything."He nodded and raised to peck my lips but I had other thoughts in mind. When his lips touched mine I wrapped my legs around his waist sending his body crashing on mine but he instantly put his elbows on either side of my holding him self up.

"Ali, we will have plenty of time for this stuff on our honeymoon trust me."He had this little sneaky grin that sent little sparks everywhere.

"Speaking of that where are we going? I mean you and your mother have planned the whole honeymoon and I really have no clue where we are even going."I hadn't even really thought about the honeymoon till now and the more I thought about it the more excited I got. I would get to spend at least a week alone with Eric, no one to bother us.

"Its a secret, you will just have to wait to find out when we get there." He must know how much I hate surprises by his smile.

"Fine just fine, oh and I guess that adds to another thing I need to do today, Pack." Lord I really will have to do alot of stuff today.

"Alyson I really want you to take care today and don't lift heavy things. I want you to take care of the babies."I smiled I just loved when he showed concern for the babies.

"Don't worry I promise to take it easy."He just looked down at me and put on of his hands on my stomach smiling the whole time.

"I love the idea of our babies being in there.Why don't you and me go take a shower and then you can head over to the pack house and worry about everything."I nodded loving the idea of a break from all the stresses that would be waiting for me when I got out.I walked into the bathroom throwing off my P.J'S and jumped into the shower greeting all the warm water and steam. Eric followed in and I really did enjoy a worry free shower with him.

When I was finished I got out and dried my hair and through on some comfy clothes since I had tons of work to get done today.I kissed Eric and then ran out the house heading to the car with a pop tart in hand. I drove up to the pack house and was surprised at all the cars that was there.

"Alyson dear there you are." I turned and saw Eric's mother walking toward me with a huge grin.

"Hey, I'm finally here and ready to work."I hugged Eric's mom just like she was my mother.

"Ohh you have nothing to worry about almost everything is finished."She grabbed my hand and lead me into the house pulling me toward the ball room that would be our reception.I was shocked at all the process they had done in a day.Almost all the flowers were in place and the plate just everything was done.

"Omg I cant believe it is done. Thank you so much it  looks soo good." I hugged her again but more tightly this time. I was just really grateful for all the things they had done for me.

"Ohh no problem, this is really going to be a wedding to talk about. Well come on let me show you how good the outside looks."I really couldn't think anything could look better then what I had saw ,but boy was I wrong.I felt little tears coming in my eyes as I took in all of the decorations and everything. It really just hit me that I was getting married to the best man in the world. Eric's mom turned to look at me and smiled when she saw the little tears flowing down my cheeks."I was the same way when I was about to marry Eric's father."I just nodded and couldn't believe the wave of emotions that came over me.

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