Chapter 43 "The Baby Shower Part 2"

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I looked around the room and tears started to sting my eyes. The room was absolutely perfect with shades of light pink and green everywhere. There was green and pink balloons, tables, chairs,  napkins, and everything else. The best part of it though was there were little monkeys everywhere.I thought it was so cute and perfect for a baby shower! There were little monkeys on the balloons and there were little monkeys hanging from the ceiling on vines. I just couldn't believe how much Eric's mom had done for this baby shower. I turned around and ran at Eric's mom tackling her with a huge hug.

"Thank you so much for this, no one has ever done something so nice for me. I mean you had to put up all these decorations, pay for it, and do all this work for us and I just can't even thank you enough." She smiled and hugged me tightly back.

"Alyson you mean so much to all of us. You came here and brought us a new happiness. Your bring laughter and smiles wherever you go and you have made a wonderful Luna to this pack. You gave my son a life time of happiness and that has made me a happy mother. Then you gave me a wonderful gift of being a grandma. I am the one who should be thanking you and this baby shower is the least I could have done." I smiled once again giving her another tight squeeze before releasing her and turning to Eric. I wrapped my arms around his waist and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I love you Eric.' He smiled hugging me back.

"I love you too Ali, now let's go and have some fun at this baby shower." I nodded and turned to greet all the people who were here. I never really realized how many pack members we had till I walked around talking to every single one of them. They all asked questions of how I was doing, how the babies were doing, how me and Eric were doing, and if there was anything we needed. All the pack members were just so sweet and kind to me. I really enjoyed getting some one on one time with my members and getting to know them on a new level. I talked to the girls and the boys, the new and old members, and the teenagers, kids, and adults. The one thing I did notice was one of the pack members was missing. It wasn't that I was complaining cause I really don't like her but still this was her Alpha and Luna's baby shower, she should have been here. It was Taylor, Eric's psycho EX. She hasn't said anything to me since the night at the party where she threatened me. But that doesn't stop her from giving me death glares every time she sees me.

"OK guys take a seat, it's time to eat." Announced Eric's mom and everyone turned to take their seats. I walked to the head table with Eric and smiled when I saw my babies were in their seats between me and Eric. I gave Eric a quick peck on the cheek and took my seat.

Eric's mom had asked me what I wanted to eat at the baby shower and I told her to get finger foods. So the plate was filled with chicken strips, chips, fruits, veggies, and some other finger foods.

"Are you having fun Ali?" Asked Eric before he started to eat.

"Yeah it's nice to see all the pack members and get to talk to some of them. You having fun?" He nodded and I saw him smile, he's always glad when he sees me spending time with our pack.

"Yeah I'm glad to see all the guys and to see some of the other members." I was also happy for him cause I knew he didn't really get his "Guy Time" since the babies, I mean he never complains, but a guy just needs his guy time like a girl needs her girl time. I turned and started to eat realizing I was pretty hungry when my stomach let out a huge sound. I ate till my plate was clean and turned to Becky who was on the other side of me.

"So how have you been doing?" I asked her cause honestly I wanted to know how she was doing, I never get the chance to talk to her much anymore and I needed to catch up.

"I'm doing great, I mean with having a mate everything is just so much better. You know you use to always talk about how much you loved Eric, and I always though you were kidding, but now I see that you truly did love him that much. I'm just filled with so much happiness that Ive never had before. How have you been doing?" I nodded in agreement and I was glad to see that my best friend was happy. 

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