Chapter 10

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I followed mom as she lead me into the woods behind the pack house. Well this couldn't be good if she didn't want anyone else to hear or be around. I was seriously getting tired of walking around in the woods. I kept tripping over things and I was starting to sweat and get really hot.

"Mom what do you want?" She stopped and turned around to face me slowly.

"Have you and Eric started mating yet?" Her voice sounded like she was annoyed that she had to even ask. My mouth dropped and I just stared at her. I was so shocked at first that she would even be that rude but then I remembered I was talking to my mother.

"This is not any of your buisness. What happens between me and Eric is our buisness not yours. If I want you to know what is going on in OUR relationship then I will tell you." I glared at her while I spoke.

"Excuse me this is my business. You will tell me right now!" I could tell she was getting mad by the way her eyes started to change to black.

"No I do not have to tell you anything. You are the one who brought me here. I love Eric and I do no need you anymore nor do I want you. You have hated me every since I changed into a werewolf. You have treated me like dirt and don't even bother to act like you care about me. So why would I tell you anything about my life after it has finally been good." Yeah I know I shouldn't have messed with a mad werewolf but I couldn't control my anger.

"Your right I never could stand you after you turned into a werewolf. I actually didn't like you much before but I had to act like I cared about you. See when you become Luna me and your dad will be very powerful and have more control over people.That cant happen until you and Eric start mating. So you will tell me or I will look myself." By this time I was so mad that I really didn't care what I said to her.

"Yeah like your getting anything. I will make sure you or dad have nothing after I become Luna. You will never know before anyone else you little bitc-"

All the sudden I was tackled to the ground by a werewolf. I looked up at the black beast and realized it was my so called mother. She started scratching and tearing at my shirt. She finally bent down to my neck and used her teeth to rip my shirt. She saw the mark of the moon and started to laugh the most evil laugh ever. I screamed but couldn't get her off of me and I couldn't shift with all of her body on top of me. When she had stopped staring at my mark she raised up and shifted back to human. Her lips were pulled up into a awful smile.

"I thought he had marked you." Her voice was full of a horrible humor.

"I hate you! You will never be anything and you will never get anything from me or this pack." My voice was full of rage.

"We will see about that." She turned and left me in the woods. I pulled myself to a tree and curled up in a ball. I was crying and rocking back and forth scared she would come back and do something else to me. I started to hear someone walking towards me when I realized that it was Eric. He saw me and tore out running until he reached where I was.

"Oh My God where have you been? I have been worried to death about you. You have been gone for hours." He walked over sitting down next to me and wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his lap.

"What has happened to you? You have cuts and scraps all over your neck and arms. Who did this to you?" I looked down and saw that my shirt wall covered in blood and I had gashed all over my stomach.I raised my head to look at Eric's worried face.

"My mother did this to me because I wouldnt tell her if we were mated or not. She said that she was going to become powerful and all this stuff when I became luna. She tackled me to see if the mark was there."My voice was quievering from crying. I felt Eric stiffen as he processed what I had said.

"Your mother did this to you?" His voice was full of rage. I nodded my head slightly and all the sudden I was in Eric's arms and he was running.

"Eric where are we going?" He was running as fast as he could out of the woods and towards the house.

"I'm going to kill her." His voice was strong and loud. I could tell that he was beyond being mad.

"Your kidding right." I really hope he was kidding because as much as I hate her I didn't want Eric to kill her.

"Eric set me down." He stopped and sat me down easily. I raised up and kissed him lightly on the lips to make sure I had his attention.

" Eric as much as I hate her you cant kill her. I dont want her blood on your hands and I couldnt stand the thought of you killing her. We can send her away and banish her and my father from the pack." He stood there for a minute thinking about what I had suggested.

"Ok I will banish her and spare her life for you. I'm so sorry that she did this to you. Lets do this first then I will take you to a nurse." I nodded and he took my hand leading me back to the house. We walked into the living room where most of the adults were at. Including Eric's parents and mine. They all turned and looked at us. Most of their faces showed shock when they saw me.

"Oh my dear. What has happened to you honey?" Eric's mom Anna came to me and Vince followed both showing concern.

"Jennifer Lanner and Robert Lanner come with me. Could you and dad follow us to." Eric's voice was in Alpha mode as we all walked to his office. I could fell his arms shaking at the rage he was feeling. We reached his office and he slammed the door making me jump.

"Ali honey could you go and sit in my chair." Eric smiled at me as I went to the chair. He then turned to my parents and his face changed instantly. "Mother you asked what happened. Why don't you ask Jennifer she should know real good. Jennifer did this to Alyson." My father looked at me with a shocked face that instantly turned to rage.

"What did you do to Alyson? You said that you were going to ask her about how she is doing. I cant belive you did this to my daugter." I had never seen dad stand up to my mother before.

" Oh don't worry Robert. She will suffer the consequences......"

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