Chapter 45

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I never thought I would find someone like Eric. Someone who I could depend on, someone who was there to catch me when I fell, someone who was an amazing dad, mate, husband, and Alpha. He took care of me and loved me for who I was, never trying to change me into anything else. When Eric looked at me he saw me, not just the girl outside but who I was truly inside. I believe that everyone has a mate even if your human, I believe there is always a person out there who is your other half, who is met to complete you, body and soul.

When I first met Eric I was a girl who was broken down by a mother who hated her. I was scared of loving someone for the fear of being rejected. As gushy as I sound, I truly feel blessed for having Eric. I married the man of my dreams and I couldn't be any happier with where my life is heading.

I have two babies, Caroline and Caden, to raise. With Caroline already being a true beauty at such a young age I think i'm going to have some trouble keeping the boys hands off. Then Caden being as handsome as he is, well it's just going to be interesting.

Eric was asleep next to me and I had both the babies in my arms, both just as asleep as their daddy. It was three in the morning but I was far from being sleepy. Whenever I made any sudden movements both the babies would start to cry. So there I sat, legs numb, and needing to pee. When I looked at my little ones in my arms I just couldn't believe that they come from me and Eric. I think most parents have the moment of awe when you realize that you created the little baby that your looking at.

What was even more crazy to think about is, when you start to think of the future. You start to think when they first start to crawl, then walk, and then run. And when they say their first word, and when they first start school. When they start making friends, and when they first start sports. It's crazy to think that one day your little baby will be flirting with boys/girls. And that one day they are going to have their first date and kiss. And what was even sadder to think about is when they first change into a wolf and find their mate. Then they get married and have their own kids. It's just really depressing to think about your little babies growing up.

"Ali baby, your making me depressed. We have plenty of time before they grow up." Eric chuckled and rolled over in bed, managing to wake up Caroline and then Caroline woke up Caden. Eric rose up and took Caden in his arms rocking him back to sleep, while I put Caroline back to sleep.

"Yeah, but still it's depressing to think about the fact that one day they will be in the same spot we are in now. With their own little baby, and their own mate, and their own home." He laughed again and just shook his head.

"Ali, you have to think about what's happening now, worry about the future later. I love you, and me and you have a amazing future heading affront of us." I smiled and bent my head over to kiss his lips. I got little warm sensations when my mates lips touched mine, and was satisfied with the knowledge that the rest of my life will be spent with the wolf's I loved most.

Author's Note.

Soooo guysss, this is the last chapter. Sad, I know. I understand that it is short, but I am planning on doing a epilogue thing later on in the future, so no worries. I'm not done writing so you guys can read "Caroline's Mate" if you want to, and I plan on writing another story, not for sure yet what it is going to be about. Buttt Love you guyzzzz and hope you guys enjoyed the whole story of "My Alpha Mate." This week's song is "No Name" by Ryan O'Shaughnessy.

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