Chapter 19

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When we arrived at the pack house I had trouble getting in the door from all the people standing and blocking everything. Usually all the parties are in the dining/party room but this time there was so many people that there wasn't enough room so people were scattered all over the house. Every time me and Eric turned a corner there would be someone there congratulating us on our engagement. I was thrilled that they were throwing us a party but I couldn't believe that all these people came since I didn't know half of them. Sadly Eric knew all of them and that included the trashy skanks who were drunk and laying their nasty hands all over him. I ended up cussing out two girls and slapping three others. After what felt like forever I finally found Becky and was thrilled to see her with her mate. Stark and Becky were adorable little couple and by the judge of the moon mark on her neck they had been very busy. Me and Becky headed off to get some drinks and left the boys to talk.

"So how are you and Stark doing?" I could see Becky face flare red and laughed knowing I was the exact same way at first with Eric.

"I love him more then anything Ali, I never knew you could ever feel soo much love for anyone in this world. The best thing about it is I know he loves me the same way that I love him." Her eyes gleamed with joy and I smiled knowing that she was happy. I heard my favorite song come on the speakers Cobra Starship "You make me feel..." and grabbed Becky hand pulling her to the dance floor. We were dancing like crazy and I could feel the Alchcol kicking in. All the sudden I feel someone hands touch my but and I froze knowing they weren't Eric's. I turned and saw some Brown hair drunk jerk smirking at me.

"Back off dude I have a mate." He just grinned and wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me towards his body. I took my hands and pushed as hard as I could against his chest but he wouldn't even bulge."Did you not hear what I said dick head LET ME GO." I yelled it as loud as I could hoping that Eric would hear me yelling. The jerk grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door. I turned and saw that Becky was in her own world and hadn't noticed that I was gone. I started to scream "Help" and when he finally got me through the doors after a long role of my fighting him I saw a figure swooshing past me and all the sudden my hand was freed.

"LET HER GO AND LEAVE NOW BEFORE I KILL YOU." Eric screamed at him but the guy just smirked which was the wrong thing to do since Eric was already shaking and about to shift. When the jerk actually came towards me again it sent Eric over the edge and he shifted right in the middle of the party.Eric lunged at the guys head and knocked him to the ground tearing at his clothes and making the man scream. I saw Jared shift and he came at Eric grabbing him by the neck and attempting to pull him off of the jerk. I finally yelled "Eric" and he turned to look at me finally noticing that the guy was passed out and wasn't going to be bothering me anytime soon.Eric turned and left the room. I followed by him as he went up the stairs still in wolf form and headed to our bedroom. When we got inside the room and I turned to lock the door I hear Eric shift back and head to the closet to get some clothes.

"I cant believe that guy had the nerve to touch my mate, The Alpha mate for goodness sake and at our engagement party. I mean seriously what kind of guy does that. What would have happened if I hadn't have got there in time? What would have he done to my MATE?" I was quiet and went to sit on the bed letting Eric get all of his anger out. When he finally quit yelling he came and set next to me cupping my face in his hands."I don't know what I would do without you, I just cant believe some guy did that to you, I love you so much and I'm so sorry that I wasn't there with you."

"Don't go blaming yourself!!! I was the one that walked of from you and never came back its my fault!" He just nodded his head since he clearly noticed that it bothered me him trying to blame himself. We set up there for a little while till I decided that we couldn't miss our own party.When we got downstairs I noticed that the jerk head was no longer in the floor and that everything was right back in place. Me and Eric danced and stayed together the rest of the night and he never let me out of his sight. When everyone started heading out around three in the Morin I started to feel the rafts off a hangover.

"Eric honey can we go home. I don't feel so well and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get sick." He nodded and grabbed my hand saying goodbye to his parents and leading me out to the car. We drove back in silence since I had a killer headache and as soon as he unlocked the door I flew to the bathroom throwing up everything in my stomach. I was sick the rest of the night and every-time I went to the bathroom Eric would follow holding my hair up. When I finally started to feel normal I went and laid in bed with Eric and after a long time I finally drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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