Chapter 4

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My hand was gripping Eric's tightly as I took the view in. Everywhere my eyes landed there were werewolves, literally every spot in the room was filled. I was never really involved in the pack from my old hometown, but even I knew they were much smaller than this group. The worst part of all was everyone's attention was placed upon me and Eric. Eric's grip tightened upon my hand as I assume he could feel or hear my anxiety. As stated before I do not enjoy being the center of attention, I would be much more content to be down below with the other people, possibly hiding towards the back, not bringing any attention upon myself. 

"This is my Mate Alyson and your future Luna, you will all be responsible with treating her with the upmost respect, and you will make her feel welcome." Eric's voice was stern, he was in Alpha mode. His voice called for attention and demanded respect. I watched as everyone in the crowd placed a hand over their heart and bowed. My mind was in a panic but I still managed to place a small smile upon my face, returning the bow to the crowd. My hands were shaken as were my legs. Eric dismissed the group and everyone returned to their conversations and spread throughout the house. Eric led me down the staircase and pulled me behind him through the foyer into what looked to be a living room. We reached a set of double doors and Eric opened them, moving aside for me to step in. 

I expected to enter a dining room, which I suppose the room was, but it was the size of a large ball room. It was something you would see within hotels. The floors carpeted with a deep red, the walls a pale yellow, from the ceiling hung a large chandelier. On the far right I could see a small stage set against the wall. In the center of the room there was an extremely long table set with fine china. There were many people already sitting among the table, all turning their heads to see who had entered the room. 

"Why are all these people here?" I turned my head slightly to Eric's and whispered into his ear, hoping those who were openly staring would not hear. 

"As Lucy said whenever she rudely interrupted us, the pack came to meet you." He smiled in encouragement and gave me a quick wink, a reminder of the events that happened just a few minutes ago in his room. The pack at my home had possibly thirty people, I could not be sure, but this pack could swallow the one from home hole. I never realized it was possible for one pack to have so many people in it. My thoughts were interrupted by Eric as he lead me to two seats at the head of the table. I felt eyes follow us as we walked by everyone, how was I expected to eat dinner while being gawked at. My stomach had not been able to settle since I had arrived here, seeing that I had yet to have a moment of peace. 

"It will be okay, I promise you. No one here will pay any attention once we sit down, everyone will return to their conversations and their food." Turning to Eric, I gave him a small smile. At least the guy was trying to comfort me, at least he is attempting to be nice to me, when truthfully he has no obligation to do so. We both take a seat and our food is quickly served to us. The plate contained a decently large piece of steak, a baked potato, and a small side salad. 

The food was delicious, after taking a few minutes to realize that no one was in fact paying me any attention my nerves decided to calm and the hunger began to take over. I had not ate since breakfast, due to the fact that the day had involved so many surprises and truthfully I had not had the time. After we had finished eating people began to walk up to us introducing themselves and shaking both Mine and Eric's hands. There were too many people and I already struggled at remembering names. Most of everyone was nice, some of the younger females acted a bit jealous, spending their time talking to Eric and giving me the side eye. I had a feeling this could possibly lead to problems in the near future, and here I thought I was done with the jealous bitches. My mother and father came up to me after most of everyone else had had their turn. My dad bent to kiss my forehead, asking me how I was feeling about the move and all the new changes. My mother bent down my ear to remind me to keep Eric happy. 

After we had finished eating and talking to most of everyone Eric announced that we would be retiring for the evening and he pulled my seat out, taking my hand and leading me back upstairs. I was quiet as we took the walk back to the bedroom, I did not want to sleep with him, but I was equally too tired to argue.  We entered the room and I reached to grab my bags that had suddenly appeared while we were downstairs eating. I told Eric that I was going to take a shower and he nodded, walking to lay down. Maybe he was nervous as well?

I only chose to take shower because I needed a few minutes to myself. Within just a few hours I had been moved from my birth home, I was introduced to my mate, his entire family and pack. I had also somehow let myself kiss a man I had only known for an hour. It was a lot for one day. I wasn't sure what to expect in the upcoming days, I didn't know how mine and Eric's relationship would proceed. I knew I had no choice but to give this relationship a chance, for if he was my mate I owed it to myself to see the potential in it. But I refuse to become some weak controlled girl. If I was to be his mate I would be his equal. And as far as his possessiveness and bossiness goes, he would need to learn how to control that shit. I was not his property, I did not belong to him. 

The shower helped more than I could have expected. I took my time, letting the warm water wash over my body, let the steam release all the anxiety and stress I was feeling. After a reasonable time I turned the water off, wrapping myself into the softest towel I had ever felt, I continued to dry my hair. The worst part of having curly hair is how freaking long it takes to dry the mane. I slipped into some silk pj's, my personal favorite. I brushed my teeth and turned to the door, ready to face what I imagined to be a long night of no sleep. 

When I stepped outside of the steaming bathroom I focused on Eric, who was laying on the bed waiting for me. He had changed out of his T-shirt in jeans, for a much comfier looking shirt and sweats. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked the distance around the bed. I noticed that he had placed the ridiculous amount of pillows into the corner, so I began to pick them up, placing them in the middle bed as a barrier between the two of us. 

"Oh you can't possibly be serious, I promised you I would not touch you." Eric's voice was almost a whine. His grouchiness caused me to giggle, and Eric's eyes shined for just a moment from the sound. 

"I am totally serious, if you expect me to sleep in this bed with you, this is my request. Unless you would like to find me a empty bed to sleep in tonight." I could hear a grunt of unhappiness come from his mouth. 

"No, you will sleep in this bed tonight. Do what you need to do." He sounded extremely displeased but let me continue to place the pillows between us. Once I had finished I laid down myself, sliding underneath the silk sheets. I turned to face Eric, though I could not see him, I knew he was faced the same direction. 

"I want you to know that I am willing to give this relationship a chance, you are my mate and I owe you this much. I'd like to get to know you, and I would like for you to get to know me as well." I couldn't see his face, but something told me he was smiling. 

"I am very excited to get to know you Alyson, I feel very blessed already to know that you are my mate. Tomorrow we can spend some time together and hopefully then you can learn who I am, and possibly become more comfortable with me." I nodded, not knowing why sense he could not see my face. I felt him move and then I saw his face appear above the pillows, he was smiling and I felt a tingle of excitement within me.

"I think you have had a rough day my little mate, let's get some rest. Tomorrow will be better than today, I promise you this." My heart unwillingly fluttered at him calling me his mate, and my face reflected his with a smile. "Goodnight Alyson, I hope you sleep well." 

"Goodnight Eric." He smiled at me once again before returning back to his side of the bed. Even though we were not touching I could still feel the heat from his body. That night I slept without any dreams for the first time in years. 

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