Chapter 26- HoneyMoon Part 2

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*OK GUYS just for a warning there is sex in this chapter and if you don't like it then just don't read it!

I literally just couldn't take being next to Eric and not touching him so I raised up and straddled his lap.As soon as I set down and felt a huge bump in his pants I knew that it was time.

"Eric I cant take it just mark me!" That's all it took for me to say for him to know what was going on in my head.

"Thank god cause I knew with you sitting like this I wouldn't have been able to hold off much longer."Eric picked me up bridal style and started to carry me up the stairs to our bedroom kissing me the whole way.When we reached our bedroom Eric kicked the door open and laid me on the bed while he stood pulling off his pants and then came to me and laid on top of me gently not putting to much pressure on me.He kissed my neck and kept on kissing till he finally reach my chin.

"Eric dang it kiss me!!" He chuckled but finally gave me what I wanted.

He kissed me and the kiss felt like no other I had ever had before.The kiss was like I could feel every little thing Eric was feeling and it was like I could feel every little passion and desire that was running through our bodies in that kiss.When Eric pulled away he just looked down at me with so much love that I could have cried.

He raised me up and I pulled my shirt over my head and I stood up to pull my pants off.When I came back to the bed Eric unhooked my bra for me and I pulled off his shirt in the same process.For just a moment we looked at each other without making a movement just trying to savior the moment.But that was interrupted when I pushed Eric down and straddled his waist.I rubbed against him as we kissed.I really enjoy teasing him so I started kissing his stomach very slowly I made my way to his neck kissing him gently and I made sure I was taking my time.I could tell he was getting restless by the movements that was coming from his waist.I raised up and kissed his forehead and kept on going till I was at his nose.I was going to hold the kiss off more but Eric moved his head fast and kissed me on the lips. I raised up and smiled at him.

"Ha someone doesn't like being teased." He just kissed me once again while I laughed.In a very quick movement I was back under Eric and he looked at me with a smile as he slowly pushed himself inside me and I screamed with joy.At first Eric moved slowly but when is started to buck my waist he picked up the pace and started to move with a faster and more desirable state.

"Eric faster please faster." He know-ed that I was ready to explode so he moved even faster pounding me and making me scream his name.

When I finally took all I could take I let go and at the same time Eric had his big moment.As we reached the Maxim Eric came down and bit me on the neck in the same spot that I had been bitten at 2 times before.The pleasure I got when he bit down on me was to much to handle.I screamed and screamed from all the pleasure that I had and I knew Eric was feeling the same by all the moans that was coming from his mouth as he bit me.When the heat finally settled down Eric took his teeth from my neck and bent to kiss me on the lips very gently but filled with so much love.

"That was utterly the most wonder-fullest thing I have ever felt.I love you so much Ali."I kissed him again.

"I know I truly love you so much and I'm glad that I now belong to you completely."He kissed me once again and I just laid in his arms absolutely enjoying being with him.

I raised up and walked to the bathroom to see what my neck looked like since everyone says that the mark that is left on your neck is beautiful and unique.When I looked at the mirror I was surprised to see a full moon but not only a full moon but two little wolves howling at the moon.I smiled and tears came down my face as I realized the two little wolves were my twins.Eric came in the bathroom and ran to me when he saw me crying.

"Whats wrong? Are you hurt? Is it the babies?"His voice was panicked but I just shook my head and moved my hair so he could see the mark.He smile and rubbed his fingers over it sending little pleasures all over me.

"Everyone is completely right your mark is beautiful."He bent down and kissed the mark and picked me up all in the same movement.

He brought me back to the bed and that night we made love all night and laid the rest in each others arms.

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