Chapter 6

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My heart started pounding, and my palms started to sweat. There was so many people pouring into the room, some being bold enough to come and say a few things to me and Eric, others just watched from afar. Every now and then Eric would give me a small whisper of encouragement, trying to calm me down and make me feel more relaxed.

"Hi my name is Rebecca." A girl looking to be my age stuck out her hand to me. "But you can call me Becky, its great to meet you!"
She gave me a huge bright smile, making me feel instantly more comfortable. She was very pretty with light brown hair that fell above her shoulders, her eyes were a pale blue. She was skinny and tall much more taller then me.

"Hi My name is Alyson but you can call me Alice, and its great to meet you too." Becky turned to introduce me to a few people standing behind her that I hadn't noticed before. The first was a boy named Jack and two girls name Grace and Peyton.

"Would you like to come dance with us I can introduce you to some more people, that is if Eric can spare you for a minute." I laughed and turned to look at Eric with a pleading look. It seems to me that Becky is super nice, and I need friends if I'm going to stay around for awhile. Eric grinned and nodded me to follow Becky.

"You don't have to pull out the puppy eyes Alyson go ahead, I will find you later and we can dance. Go have fun and make some friends." Eric gave me a quick peck on the lips before turning to meet up with some of his guy friends.

Becky grabbed my other hand and pulled me to the dance floor. She introduced me to almost everyone in the room and most people were so nice to me. I managed to really get to know some of the pack members, and even had a few of the girls ask me to come hang out with them. I was actually having an amazing time. Every now and then I would glance around to look for Eric, and would receive a quick wink or smirk. Becky and Jack were hilarious together, both two big goof balls. And the girls were some of the biggest flirts I had ever met, both getting drunk and making a complete fool out of themselves. The music was loud and almost everyone in the room was dancing. I asked Becky if she could come with me to find something to drink since I was pretty much dying of dehydration. She led me to a table with some refreshments, and excused herself to go say hi to an friend. I grabbed a cup and was pouring some punch when a angry looking blonde came up to me.

"I just came to warn you that Eric is mine. You may think that he's your mate, and you may believe that gives you some hold over him, but you're so wrong. No more than a day with your ugly face and he will come running back to me." I just simply laughed at this pathetic girl.

"Yeah ok whatever makes you sleep at night. But I'm pretty sure that Eric must like me, since he chose me to be his mate and not you. Sorry not sorry tramp." I turned to walk away from her, trying to not cause a scene. When she grabbed my hand and turned me to face her.

"He is mine you little.." I felt Eric's presence before he even said anything.

"Get away from her Taylor were done and over we have been for over for more than a year. I don't like you nor do I want to be around you. You are just a big dirty skank who screws every guy you see. I love Alyson, she is my mate, and if you can't respect that then you should just leave." I was surprised by the anger in Eric's voice, he began to shake against my body, and I was afraid he was going to shift affront of everyone. All the sudden he grabbed my hand and began pulling me back to the dance floor leaving Taylor standing there with her mouth wide open in shock.

"Are you ok Alyson? I would have never thought she would actually say something to you. I will deal with her later. No one disrespects my mate." Eric places his hand possessively around my waist, while he swings us to the music.

"I'm fine Eric, honestly. Just some jealous girl trying to cause problems." I laughed it off but I could tell Eric was still pretty mad. We danced and danced all night, and I was surprised to find myself being so comfortable with how close we were. I began to push my body against Eric's, making sure there was no distance between the two of us. Things started to get really heated, and I tried to put some space between us when I saw Becky making her way to come and dance with us. But Becky's presence didn't slow Eric down. We grinded and pushed our bodies closer and closer with each dance. He finally bent down and kissed me with such intense passion that my knees began to shake.

"Let's go upstairs Eric." When I realized what I had said I was shocked, but looking up into Eric's black surprised eyes I knew thats exactly where I wanted to go.

"Are you sure Alyson?" I place my hands behind Eric's head, pulling it to mine, and roughly place my lips against his. As soon as I released his neck he nodded in agreement and placed my hand into his, pulling me quickly behind him. I yelled out a quick goodbye to Becky. We were both quiet while taking the trip up the stairs to Eric's room, and though I'm sure the walk from the ball room to his is short, the anticipation I was feeling sure made it feel like a long trip. When we reached the bedroom Eric quickly opened the door and waited for me to go in first. As soon as I heard the door slam shut I felt Eric's arms around my waist. He walked till he was standing affront of me, and roughly began to push me against the wall. His lips were everywhere and no where. He covered my face and neck with kisses, all the while avoiding my lips. I was beginning to get restless and tried to pout a bit to catch his attention.

"Eric please just kiss me." He gave me a wicked grin and I wrapped my hands around his head pulling him to my mouth. He kissed me and I could feel my body burning from the desire. He licked the bottom of my lips asking for entrance and I granted opening my mouth. Our tongues twining together and I suddenly had the urge of wanting to be mated, the urge was so strong that I felt if he didnt mate me quickly I was going to crack. He picked my legs up and wrapped them around his waist laying me softly on the bed and.....

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