Chapter 13

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I was lying next to Eric on a huge beautiful white bed. I was still naked and I blushed at the thought of what had happened last night. I raised up and my mouth dropped at the beauty of the room. The walls were a pale but bright yellow and the furniture was all white. This was the room that I had dreamt of so many times before. There was even a big vanity fair mirror in the bathroom and a huge elegant white couch sitting next to the wall. I just kept staring and looking over everything. I heard Eric move and I knew he was awake. He turned my way and raised up then kissed me very sweetly on my lips sending little tingles everywhere.

"What are you looking at my love, it is only a room." His voice made me smile but I knew this was just not some room.

"It's just that I have dreamt of this exact bedroom before so many times." My voice sounded curious.It kinda creeped me out that the bedroom looked so much like the one's in my dreams and it made me think I was in a dream myself.

"No love you are not in a dream. But I dreamt myself of building this house for me and my mate whenever I had found her. Mom and my sister came up with all the other colors and fixings for the rooms except for this one. I did this all by myself. I don't really know what made me fix it like this but I just did it." He turned and looked at me while he finished talking. Wow maybe mates share dreams or something or send each other visions of what they really want.

 "It is absolutely beautiful! You mean one day we will get to live here?" He nodded and I jumped on-top of him so excited that I wouldn't have to live in the pack house the rest of my life. I mean it's not bad or anything just not the best place to raise children. I kissed Eric still pinning him under me. He instantly kissed back and I started grinding on his body feeling the sensation I was getting from just kissing. He smiled and laid back down on the pillow making me sigh.

"Honey don't you want to take a break? Surely after last night you have to be worn out!" I just shook my head no and went back to kissing him but he easily flipped me so I was under him. "Lets eat some breakfast and go to the pack house. Then we can come back here tonight if you want to or we can sleep in our other bedroom." I raised up and kissed him again but this time really hard and when he moaned I took advantage and stuck my tongue in his mouth. He let go of my arms and I raised them up to his head running my fingers through his hair and pulled his head closer. We made out for a while until Eric pulled away and went to put on some boxers. My heart beat races at seeing him without a shirt I mean he was perfection. I started thinking some really hot thoughts until I saw Eric smirking at me and shaking his head. "You know you should really watch your thoughts or we will never make it through the day." I laughed and raised up to throw on one of his shirts I found laying in the floor.

"Hey it isn't my fault what idea's pop in my head. You shouldn't be listening if you don't want to hear them!" I walked past him down a hall way till I realized I had no clue where I was going. I heard Eric's foot steps behind me and he started to chuckle at the confused look on my face. " Don't laugh at me cause I don't know where I'm going." He grabbed my hand and pulled me down a small set of stairs into a room that looked like a living room. It was a deep red and had beautiful wood furniture. Eric kept on walking through it till we reached the kitchen. I sat down on a stool and watched as Eric pulled out a carton of Eggs and started to mix up french toast.

"Well aren't you just the best mate a girl could ask for." I giggled as I spoke but it was honestly the truth. I mean after the best night ever he wakes up and fixes me breakfast how sweet.

 "I only do this for my little Ali." I blushed and Eric walked over cupping his hands around my cheeks."I love it when you blush you look adorable." This just made me blush even more and Eric laughed and bent to kiss me before returning to fix breakfast.

When he was finally finished I was starving so I dug in. Eric truly made the best french toast of life it was like heaven in syrup. I moaned while I ate and I opened my eyes to see Eric staring at me with a puzzled look on his face.

"What I'm starving and this is delicious." I continued eating and when I was through I helped wash the dishes. When we were finally finished Eric lead me back up to the bedroom and laid down next to me wrapping his arms around my waist and settled his head in my neck.

"I could spend the rest of my life like this. I love being with you and I don't know how I ever made it without finding you Ali." I smiled knowing exactly how he felt. I turned in his arms and kissed him.

 "Trust me you are honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me before in my life." He bent to kiss me again when I finished talking and we laid there for the longest time just in each other arms.

"Well I guess we better go and take a shower so we don't look absoultely horrible when we go back to the house. You want to join me?" I smiled and grinned pulling him out of the bed and dragging him to the bathroom. We took a nice hot long shower and when I finally got out I dressed in clothes that I found from the day before and dried my hair.

"You ready to go Ali, I promise we are coming back tonight." He laughed knowing I never wanted to leave this house. I felt like I was home here with him and I never wanted to sleep anywhere except here in his arms every night. I grabbed my things and walked down the stairs. He locked the door behind me and we started heading back to the house but I really just didn't want to go to the pack house.

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