Chapter 7

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I was still pinned against the bed when Eric began unzipping my dress he pulled over my head and slung to the other side of the room. He slowly started to kiss me all over my stomach and gently made his way up to my chest sending quick chills throughout my body. I jerked his shirt off as quickly as I could, and instantly started to touch. He had abs that were to die for and I began rubbing my hands all over his stomach, teasingly taking my fingers up and down. I looked up into Eric's face, realizing what I was getting ready to do, with someone I barely even know. But looking into Eric's eyes I saw some type of adoration, this isn't just a one night thing to him. This is just two mates doing exactly what they are meant to do. Even though I don't think it is possible, I already feel like Eric is a part of me, and could I possibly love him? No this isn't love, not yet anyway, maybe something that could turn in to love? Eric took his hands and placed my leg around his waist, holding them in place.

 "Are you sure you're ready for this Alyson, I understand if you want to wait. I'm not pressuring you at all. We can wait honey." I place my lips gently onto his and take one more quick look into Eric's eyes, thinking this through.

"Eric, I want this." Giving him one more quick reassuring look he realized I was sure. He bent his head to kiss me and was more urgent than ever before, but I wasn't going to complain because it felt beyond amazing. I opened my mouth letting his tongue in. I moved my hands down to his pants doing my best to pull them down. I pulled my panties off and unhooked my bra throwing it somewhere into the darkness. I could tell Eric was excited by the hard object that was pressed against my stomach and the way he started kissing me more and more. I grabbed the top of his boxers and slowly began pulling them off making sure not to touch his manhood. Eric began teasing me kissing everywhere but my lips.

"Eric please." I batted my eyes up at him, and tried to make him understand that I was more than ready to get this started.

He put his manhood at my entrance and slowly pushed. I screamed at the pain and pleasure, and I couldn't understand how this could feel so good, and yet so painful. But quickly that all changed, the pressure I was feeling down there was, to say the least amazing. I began to beg for more and more. Eric  began pushing harder and harder and my screams kept getting louder. I was sure that everyone in the house could hear me. I never have felt such pleasure, I couldn't stand it, but yet couldn't get enough. My moans were getting louder and louder. All the sudden I felt a huge ripple of pleasure shudder throughout my whole body, and I let out  a loud scream, that sort of resembled Eric's name. Then Eric began grunting and looked down to me with black eyes that I had never seen before except when he was a wolf.

He leaned down to my neck and bit me hard. This caused the rush of pleasure to come again and Eric had his. He let go of my neck and rolled off of me. I was still shaking and panting and Eric's breaths were matching my own.

"That was just amazing Alyson, you're so beautiful." Eric voice was a little shaky but his gaze was calm and yet wild.

"I know and I'm sorta glad we are completely mated, maybe now we can really get to know each other." Eric began to look at me with a confused look on his face.

"Did your mother ever teach you anything about the mating process?" He asked, embarrassment seeping in his voice.

"What are you talking about?" Eric raised up pulling me with him.

"The first time I mate you means I accept you, the second time means that I mark you as my mate and no one else can touch or even attempt to mate you, and the third time means we are completely mates and you get your full potential as a wolf and I will be more stronger and have a power." My mother never told me any of this in which to be fair she never told me anything about werewolves at all.

"Oh I didn't know so this means that you have to bite me three times?" I was feeling pretty embarrassed.

"Yes unless you don't want to. I mean if it hurt you or?" I started laughing, whether from embarrassment or the fact that he actually thought he hurt me, who knows.

"Eric that was simply the best thing I have ever felt, I mean there was a little bit of pain, but that was overruled by 100 by the pleasure. And of course I want to go through with it I would do that three more times in a heartbeat. If you want to I mean?" I was a little embarrassed. Here I am talking about wanting to have sex, with a guy I barely knew. Too late to worry about it now I guess.  He chuckled and looked relived

"Thank god and yes I want to. I have wanted to do that since we met but I didn't want to rush you. Alyson you're a very beautiful girl. And you have this amazing side grin that just melts my heart. With a quick blink of a eye you can melt my heart, I'm yours. I couldn't imagine a better mate for me." I raised up and kissed him lightly on the lips, feeling a bit overwhelmed. I got out of bed to get my underwear when Eric quickly pulled me back by my waist.

"I would like you to stay this way, please." I curled up to him and we both quickly fell asleep. I slept like a baby that night and was warm and cozy wrapped up in Eric's arms.

When I woke up the next morning Eric was gone and I was disappointed to see a empty bed. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a much needed shower. Trying to clear my head, and try to think about what all had happened last night. I gave up my virginity to Eric. And now I've started the mating process, that's just a lot to wrap your head around. I jumped out of the shower, and began to dry myself off.  I took a quick glance up in the mirror and was shocked to see what was on my neck......

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