Chapter 40 Part 2 (The Babies)

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When the doctor told me that it was time to start pushing again, I was prepared. I wanted to get this over with. The pain was honestly to much to even bare and I had absolutely no medicine. Since I was already in labor and pushing when I got here they didn't have time to give me any pain relief medicine, so here I am pushing another baby out without any meds.When the doctor told me to push I pushed. I knew the harder I pushed the faster this would be over with, and I would have both of my babies in my arms. They took Caroline into the nursery room to weight her and check her out, I told Eric to go with her but he wanted to stay and see Caden being born. So here I was gripping Eric's hand for dear life and pushing with all my might.

"Come on Alyson, it's almost over, give me one more good push." The doctor said and I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. A few seconds  later I heard a cry and looked down and there was my baby boy. I cried knowing that it was all over and I had both of my babies here. They cleaned him up while he sat on my stomach and Eric once again clipped the umbilical cord. I have never seen a more proud face on a man. I cried once again when they put him in my arms, I just couldn't contain all the emotions that were in me. He had beautiful Bright blue eyes and he had dark hair on his head, he actually had alot of hair for a baby. After a few minutes of holding him they took him to the nursery to clean him up and while they were gone the nurses cleaned me up and gave me some medicine, finally! I told Eric to go with the babies, I knew I would be fine with the doctors and I knew he wanted to be with his babies.He kissed my forehead and nodded in agreement.

As I sat there I just thought of my beautiful babies that were in the room next to me. I was a mother of two absolutely perfect babies. Who could be any more happier? I could not thank god enough for giving me two wonderful babies.

Soon enough the nurses came in to tell me the weights and everything of the babies.Caroline Weighed 5lbs, 2oz and Caden Weighed 6lbs 2oz.. They looked to be perfectly healthy and they were at perfect weights. When I saw Eric carrying them into my room I started to crying, and I cried even harder when they were both in my arms. I was holding Caroline in my right arm and Caden in my left. I honestly couldn't be any more happy. I had two perfect children in my arms and a wonderful husband/mate/best friend by my side, who could ever ask for more. I'm honestly blessed and could never thank anyone enough for this. Eric stood next to my bed always touching one of the twins.

"Aren't the perfect? Eric I love you so much." I smiled through my tears and looked up at him to see he was smiling back at me. He leaned down kissing me very lightly on the lips and forehead.

"Alyson, I love you more than you could ever know. You have gave me the most wonder fullest gifts, my children, and you and the most amazing mate anyone could have." I smiled and nodded understanding exactly how he felt right now. Both of my babies were asleep and I could feel the medicine kicking in, but I was going to fight it off for as long as I could. Eric started to notice me getting drowsy and took both of the babies, putting them in his arm and sat in the chair next to my bed. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was smiling at my beautiful family.

Eric's P.O.V

I stared down at my two beautiful children in my arms. Here I was holding the most tiniest gifts of life in my hard rough hands. When Ali first told me she was going into labor I started to panic. I realized that I didn't have a clue about how to be a father, or what to do at the hospital. I just ran up the stairs grabbing the bags and calling the doctor to make sure they were ready for her. I knew She was losing her patience with my but I tried to keep her as calm as I could. I did everything as fast as I possibly could and was on the road in less than ten minutes. The whole ride there all I could herewas  Ali's worried thoughts going through her head, cause she was pretty much yelling them. I did the best I could of calming her down and putting her at ease.

When we got to the hospital the adrenaline started to sink in and I was ready for anything that could come my way. I ran with the nurses as they wheeled Ali into the elevator and then onto the delivery room. Poor Ali was already sweating and moaning with pain, I kinda felt useless since there was nothing I could do to ease her pain. They got Ali on a bed and within five minutes they had her hooked up to a i.v. and was ready to tell her to push.

The first time they told her to push she gripped hold of my hand and squeezed the living crap out of it. I mean my hand literally went numb and I was sure that if she kept on holding it like this I was going to lose my fingers. They told Ali to push and boy did she push, I could see her veins popping through her forehead. She pushed and she pushed and she pushed and finally I heard a small cry. When I turned my head from Ali face to the sound I felt my heart melt. There she was my perfect daughter. To call her beautiful would be saying the least. She had perfect blue eyes and her head was just so perfect and round. They let me cut the umbilical cord and I was just so proud. They laid her on Ali stomach as they cleaned her up and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I looked at Ali and told her that Caroline came out first and Ali face lit up like a Christmas tree. All the sudden I felt water run down my cheeks and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from until I realized that I was crying, I was just that happy.

They let Ali Hold Caroline for a few minutes, but then it was time to push little Caden out. I knew Ali didn't want to give Caroline up but I also knew she was ready to have her son. Ali told me to go back with Caroline but I wasn't going to miss the birth of my son. I reached for Ali's hand and she gripped onto it once again, except this time with more strength and pain, if that's even possible. She gave it a good two pushes and then came the crying. My son was just as beautiful as my daughter except he had dark brown hair, unlike her having light blonde hair. They let me cut his umbilical cord and they let Ali hold him for a few minutes. Then they took him back to clean him up and check him out.

"Eric honey, go on with them, I will be fine and in a few minutes you can bring them back out here to me." I knew there was no point in arguing with Ali so I nodded kissing her forehead before leaving. I followed the nurses to the nursery and watched as they weighted Caden. They were already finished with Caroline so they handed her to me, while she slept. Caroline was smalled then Caden but then again Caden was a boy, and boys are usually bigger then the girls.

When they were finished with Caden, I brought them both out to Ali and watched her face fill up with love when she saw them. I placed them both in her arms and she started to silently cry. I knew it was from joy cause I was just as happy as she was.

"Aren't the perfect? Eric I love you so much." Her words filled me up with more joy and happiness, just to see her so happy.

"Alyson, I love you more than you could ever know. You have gave me the most wonder-fullest gifts, my children, and you and the most amazing mate anyone could have." It was all true she had gave me so much in life and gave me more then I could ever imagine. I loved this women and these two babies more than anything in the world.

I watched as the medicine started to kick in and I could see Ali eyes slowly closing, I knew she was trying to fight the drowsiness off, but soon enough she was going to fall asleep. I silently took the babies from her arms and sat in the chair next to her bed. She turned her head to look at me and smiled as her beautiful eyes closed to sleep.

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