Chapter 35

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"GET AWAY FROM MY ALYSON NOW!!!!!" A deep voice echoed, and I turned to look at whoever was yelling, and I felt my eyes widen in shock when I saw him standing in the door. Kalvin had found me, he was here, and he was angry. His whole body was shaking and I knew he was about to change.

Kalvin looked exactly the same as the last time I saw him. He was tall, and very fit. He had black hair that was cut in a boyish short haircut. His eyes were a deep sea blue, and he had very dark skin. I just looked at him with my mouth hanging wide open as he stared back at me.

"GET OUT OF HERE NOW KALVIN! BEFORE YOU GIVE ME A REASON TO KILL YOU HERE RIGHT NOW!!" Eric had moved so that he was affront of me in a defense crouch. I hadn't realized that he had moved me into the corner of the room, I guess I was in to much shock.

"Alyson come here baby, you know you want to come with me. Just tell this stupid man to let you come. Alyson you know you belong with me." Kalvin's voice sent me into spasm, and not a good spasm, more like a dark, evil, chill. I was still terrified of him. I hated this man! He had tortured me and bullied me for years, and he actually thinks that I want to come to him.

"Stay away from me Kalvin, I don't want you! You treated me horribly, you hit me, you bullied me. You ruined half of my life. I will never go with you! I love Eric and I will never ever leave him for you." This made Kalvin even more angrier. His eyes went pitch black and I new he was almost to the point of changing into a Wolfe. I did not want Eric to fight with Kalvin, cause even though I know Eric is really strong I know Kalvin is just as strong as he is.

"Now Alyson you will come here right now, and we are leaving. I don't want to kill this man but if you don't listen, well you will leave me with no choice....." As soon as Kalvin finished speaking he lunged at Eric changing in mid air. Lucky for Eric he was prepared. I watched as they fought affront of me, ripping each other into pieces. I started to cry cause I knew there was nothing I could do to stop them. If I got in between them right now they would probably kill me without realizing it.

I finally got myself together and ran down the stairs heading to the pack house to get help. I tore out running when I got outside, but suddenly I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I started to fight against the arms and then I felt a small pinch in my arm and when I looked down I realized he had just stuck me with a needle. I started to sway, and suddenly the world went black......

Eric P.O.V

When I started to come back to myself a rush of panic ran through my body as I realized I didn't see Ali. The room was torn into pieces and I was injured pretty badly myself. Kalvin had slammed me into a wall with my head and had somehow managed to knock me out. Oh shit Kalvin!!! He has Ali! I jumped up running out of the house and to the pack house ready to go after him and take my Alyson Back!!!!!

Alyson P.O.V

I woke up and my head felt a little fuzzy. I laid in the bed trying to feel for Eric but my hands couldn't move. When I opened my eyes I saw that my arms and legs were chained to a bed. Sudden chills ran through my body as I realized this wasn't my bed room. I shot up in the bed but was pulled right back down by the chains. I started shouting and shouting, hoping someone would hear me and help me.

"Now my dear, do you really think that is going to help you?" I shook and turned my head to the dark voice that came from my right. There stood Kalvin with a huge smirk on his stupid face.

"Let me go Kalvin! What do you understand that I do no love you!" A rush of anger ran through his eyes but he instantly calmed himself down.

"That's what you think, but soon Alyson you will realize that you have been mine all along, and now we can be a family even with the babies......"

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