Chapter 34

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The next morning I woke up with Eric's arms wrapped tightly around my waist and his head laying on my shoulder. I turned in the bed so our foreheads were touching each other and I just laid there enjoying the moment with him. I didn't want to get out of bed and worry about all the problems I knew I would be facing. Kalvin was going to make some big issues and I know he is going to keep on torturing our pack until he gets what he wants. But I just didn't feel like worrying about him right now. 

"Ali honey don't you know it is only 9'0clock and your mind is going so fast that I can even understand what you are thinking about.Slow down and calm down." I nodded watching Eric in amusement. When he spoke he hadn't even opened his eyes, and his voice sounded so sleepy that it was just so darn cute.

"Eric go back to sleep, sorry for waking you up babe." I kissed his forehead and turned in his arms trying to get up but he just pulled me lightly back down.

"Now Ali dear, do you really think I could even sleep if you left?" I laughed lightly knowing what he meant. I couldn't even go to sleep without Eric, I felt all cold and alone when he wasn't in bed with me.

"Eric I cant just sit here and wait for you to wake up! Let me up and I will go take a shower and get dressed, then I will make you some break feast." He just nodded his head since he was still in his sleepy state. I rolled out of the bed and waddled slowly into the bathroom. My stomach was huge. I mean huge! I was now 7 months pregnant and I looked like I was about to pop at any time. I was always scared that in movement I did would cause me to go into early labor. So I now avoided picking up anything heavy or moving in a weird way.

I took off my Pjs and stepped into the now steaming shower. I just let the water run all over my body, washing away all my worries of Kalvin. After I finished showering, I went and started to dry my hair with only a towel on.

I wasn't paying any attention and when I heard a noise I turned around to look at the door and found Eric  standing there. I screamed and let go of the towel that was covering my now naked body. Eric's eyes instantly became black and he walked over to me, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Now this is something I could really get use to waking up to." He bent his head down and kissed me with so much heat that I felt my knees start to go weak. Eric put his hand under my knees and picked me up like I weighed nothing. He went into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed, crawling next to me and he began to pick up where he had left off and started to kiss me again. Soon enough his pants were off and his hands were every on my body. Things started to get really heated and Eric rose up climbing over me but he made sure no weight went on my stomach. Just as he was about to kiss me again, I heard a loud bang and our bedroom door slammed open.

"GET AWAY FROM MY ALISON NOW!!!!!!" A deep voice echoed, and when I turned to look at whoever was yelling I felt my eyes widen in shock......

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