Chapter 36

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I knew Calvin had lost his mind. Who in their right mind would kidnap someone and then think that they would love them? Calvin honestly thought that he could make me fall in love with him and that with my babies we could be a perfect little family. But what Calvin doesn't know is that at my first chance I am out of here. I am tired of being locked up in this little bedroom. The only think I have to look at his the walls and a small t.v. that Calvin had brought in for me to watch. I was still locked up to the bed and the only time I was allowed to leave the bed was when I go to the bathroom, and even then someone stood outside the door and listened to make sure I didn't try anything. Calvin came home everyday and instead of leaving me alone he would spend every waking minute with me. He would sit in a chair next to my bed and would talk and talk about anything that came to his mind. Most times he would talk about the "Future" that me and him and my children would have. I would have to sit and quietly listen to what he said. I missed Eric! I talked to him as much as I could through our heads, but for some reason the longer I was away from him, the harder it was to talk to him. But everyday I would tell him that I was ok and tell him any news I learned. I still had no clue where I was and therefore I really couldn't help Eric find me.

"Honey what are you think about so hard?" Calvin asked me and I cringed when he called me Honey.I mean this is a guy that I just want to DIE!

"Umm I was just thinking about feeling the sun on my skin. Do you think I could go outside?" I tried to play along with Calvin and act like I liked him. Only because I hoped soon enough he would trust me and let me go outside. As soon as he would let me outside I would take a run for it.

"Now Alyson, you know I cant let you outside. Its way to dangerous and I cant have you harming yourself or the babies." Whenever he said babies his face would lit up and I just wanted to slap that excitement right off of his ugly face.

"All I want to do is walk outside, just to feel some warmth." I knew if I kept asking he would get mad and probably start yelling at me. I tried not to make him mad because I was afraid he would do something to me or the babies.

"NO Alyson you are going to stay right there and you are going to like it!" I just nodded knowing anything I said would probably only make him more mad. Calvin was one of those people that got mad really easily and cooled down really easily. He walked over and kissed the top of my forehead. I felt goosebumps go through me as I shook with disgust. I had to pretend to be happy for him, even though honestly I didn't know how much longer I could take this.

"Ok I just though maybe today you would really show you love me and you would at least let me leave this room." I saw hurt flash through his eyes, and I knew I finally had got somewhere with this. 

"Ohh baby I love you soo much, how about I let you go in the living room and we can watch a movie together?" Uhhh why cant he just let me go somewhere by myself. Well I would have preferred to have stayed in my room and just stare at the wall a bit longer. But then again maybe this means he is starting to trust me and soon enough he would take me outside.

"Ok lets do it!" He unlocked my wrist and legs, and I knew I could take a run for it, but he would catch up with me cause I was to pregnant to really run fast. He took my hand and I pulled it back away from him without really even thinking. He turned around and gave me a question mark look so I put my hand back in his nasty one.

"I'm just so glad that you are starting to realize that we are meant to be together. We can be a real couple now, and we can just live here forever!" I felt my stomach drop at the though of living here forever alone with him. I would honestly prefer to kill myself then to put me and my children through this. I just really hope Eric will come find us soon...."

Eric's P.O.V

It has been 4 days since Ali has been kidnapped. I have slept about 3 hours since she has been gone. I have looked and looked and looked but cant find one trace of here anywhere. I was honestly starting to get worried cause I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't get her back soon and I also had to think about the fact that she just might go into labor while she is there. I cringed at the though of that devil man touching MY children and MY wife. Today I was taking some of my pack to the east side to search a forest that we hadn't reached yet.

We all changed and headed out to the forest, me being the leader and everyone else following behind. We ran and ran for hours, never picking up a scent. As I turned to tell the pack it was time to go back, I caught a scent of something in the air. I turned my head around quickly and started to sniff the air until I found where this heavenly scent was coming from.Not far ahead of us was a cabin and I was so shocked to see what was inside......

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