Chapter 14

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As me and Eric walked through the forest heading back to the house I began to wonder how great it will feel when we mate for the third time. I mean if the second time was better then the first then wouldn't the third time be amazing? This moring when I had went to the bathroom I looked at the mark on my neck and the moon was darker and bigger. It was starting to get harder to cover up. We walked in silence for half of the walk but it was a comfortable silence. It was one of those silences that you could really think about things without feeling like you need to say something to the other. Eric stopped all at once and turned to me quickly wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him.

"If you keep thinking all these thoughts about mating we will have to turn around and go back. Ali honey you are killing me." I started to laugh because you could hear and see the frustration that he was having. But knowing me I had to tease him some more. I started to think of some scenes from last night and I heard Eric moan. He took his hands up to my face and pressed my lips against his with a lot of force. When we finally separated I started to laugh till I cried cause I knew now had to torture Eric.

"Alison you are going to be the death of me. Please just don't do this to me in front of my parents." I laughed and raised up to peck Eric's lips one more time.

 "I promise to not think any sexual thoughts affront of your parents." He nodded taking my hand and started walking again. After about another ten minutes I could see the back of the house and was glad to be almost there. We walked through the house heading towards the kitchen to see if anyone was here when we heard someone call for us in the living room. We turned and headed to see Eric's mom and father sitting on the couch with a worried expression on their faces. Jared and Seth was sitting on another couch and there were a few elders in the room that I recognized.

"Whats going on?" Eric's voice was in Alpha mode but I could also hear the curiosity in his voice. Everyone looked up at me and they all had a sad but worried face.

"Dad tell me what is going on right now." Eric was beginning to get angry because everyone was just staring at us no one bothering to talk.

"She escaped. I'm so sorry the guards are dead and she left a note."My heart dropped instantly knowing who they were talking about. My mother had escaped and now she was going to come after me and kill me for ruining her life. I could feel my face go pale and my hands began to shake. I just stood there not bothering to answer when Eric asked me if I was ok. I knew she would kill me and anyone who got in her way of killing me and that included Eric. I could not let anyone get killed for me I would either have to kill her myself or be killed. I Started to sway back and forth, ready to pass out when Eric grabbed ahold of me and pulled me to sit down next to him.

"Alyson don't you even think it. You know very well that I can protect you and I have tons of help. I will not let you go and get yourself killed even if it means gluing you to my side to watch over you. I love you to much to lose you and I can take down one person so don't worry." I tried to calm my self down knowing that it would upset Eric if he though I doubted him.

"Son what do you want to do about this?" Eric's dad voice was full of concern.

"We will get a few of us together and track her down and kill her this time. I'm sorry Alyson but I'm not taking a chance of her coming after you." I just nodded my head knowing it didn't matter what I said it wouldn't change his mind.

"Eric can we go upstairs and lay down I don't feel so well?" He nodded and turned heading upstairs to our bedroom. When he opened the door I could see glass and everything knocked over. The mattress of our bed was in the floor and all the sheets were ripped into pieces. All the lamps in the room was knocked over glass everywhere you looked. The clothes from the closet were slung all over and I could see that she had ripped a huge slash through our couch.I could hear water running in the bathroom and I figured that there would be water everywhere.When I walked into the bathroom I saw she had written "I'm going to kill you." on the mirror in red lipstick. I shuddered and saw all the damage she had done to the bathroom. She had literally torn up everything in our bedroom that could have been torn up. 

"Eric calm down please your scaring me." Eric was shaking all over as he was taking in the room. I was honestly afraid he was going to shift. His face was red and his hands were clenched into a tight fist. He slung back his arm and slung it into a wall leaving a big hole.

"I'm going to kill her!!" His voice was scary with all the anger in it and he was shouting. I took my hand and began rubbing his back even though my head was telling me not to mess with him. He eventually calmed down and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his forehead to mine.

"I love you so much and I'm so sorry that my mother did this." I really was sorry because I was the reason that two people were dead and our room was torn to pieces. Eric pushed his lips against mine giving me a sweet kiss.

"Please don't blame yourself cause it is not in anyway your fault." I could tell he was upset that I was blaming myself.

"We can just sleep in the cabin right?" He nodded his head as I stood in his arms. I began crying and I could fell his arm sliding back and forth on my back trying to calm me down.I just couldn't help but feel upset. Who wouldn't be upset that their mother hated them and wanted to kill them. I mean I knew she never liked me but I would have never thought she would try to kill me. I was glad that I had Eric cause I honestly don't know what I would do without him.

"Please don't cry I love you and I promise I will make everything right. She will not lay a hand on you." I prayed silently hoping to god that he was right......

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