Chapter 16

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That night I slept like a baby in Eric's arms.When I woke up I ran downstairs before he woke up so I could make him some break-feast.After about 30 minutes the smell of the food brought Eric down stairs, he sat down at the table, looking half way asleep.

"Ali you don't have any plans tonight do you?" I turned to look at Eric wondering why he asked me that since he knew I didn't.

"No...Why you ask?" He chuckled.

"Tonight you are going on a date with me. Be ready by seven and I will be waiting for you OK?" Hmm me and Eric going on date is kinda funny since we are pretty much past that stage. I really started to wonder why he would want to go out on a date but gave up figuring he just wants to be his romantic self.

"Ok where are we going?" He smiled at me raising up from the table and walked over to me bending down to me ear and whispering.

"It's a surprise but dress nice like you always do." He kissed me and grabbed a plate getting some of the pancakes that I had made.

"Umm ok so what are you going to do today?"

"I'm going to head over to the pack house while you get ready but besides that nothing." It was already five (yeah we sleep all day since we are up all night) so I figured I better head up and take a shower.I bent down and kissed Eric.

"I'm going upstairs to start getting ready." He nodded as I went up the stairs to the bathroom. I pulled off my clothes and stepped in the shower the hot water relaxing all my muscles. I shaved my legs making sure they were smooth since I figured I should wear a dress. After a long time I decided I better get out of the shower so I would have enough time to get ready.I dried my curly hair and decided for a change I would straighten my hair. It took over thirty minutes to straighten it out and I fixed my hair into an half up do. I fixed my eyes into a pretty smokey eye and put on some mascara with a dash of blush. I walked over to my closet trying to figure out what I was going to wear. I went through all my clothes and finally saw a dress that I had never wore since being with Eric. It was a deep red dress that came just above my knee and was skin tight and flattered all my curves. I found my black heels and some cute black earrings that just set the dress of.I walked back into the bathroom to steal a quick glance at myself and was shocked on how good I looked. When I looked at the clock I saw that it was already six fifty so I grabbed my purse and swiped on some red lipstick.

 When I came down stairs my heart started pounding when I saw Eric in a tux.When he saw me him mouth literally dropped and he just kept taking his eyes up and down my body. He finally got ahold of himself and smiled walking over to me.

"Ali honey I want to go out but in that dress I'm not sure I'm going to have the strength to leave the house." I laughed knowing that I felt the exact same way seeing him in a tux.

"Well then we better get going to where ever you are taking me." He nodded grabbing my hand and pulled me outside walking until we reached his car. He held open the door for me while I got in and walked over to the driver side. We drove in a comfortable silence for over an hour until I broke the silence.

"Eric are we going to another country?" He smiled and laughed lightly at my aggravation knowing it was killing me not knowing where we going.

"We will be there in like 10 minutes." I just nodded looking out my window but sure enough ten minutes later we stopped. My mouth dropped seeing an ocean affront of me. I got out of the car and just stood there watching the waves and looking around.

"Eric I didn't even know there was an ocean close to us." My voice was full of excitement since I hadn't been to the ocean over 10 years..

"Well I want tonight to be really special and I thought this was the perfect place." He came over grabbing my hand and pulling me out to the sand and we walked until I saw a small table with two chairs. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down shocked at the steak and other foods that were on the table.We ate and the food was unbelievable good.

"Eric I can't believe you did all this. I love you so much." I put my hand over top of his.

"Ali I really needed you to come with me tonight cause I have something very important to ask you." I just nodded wondering what he needed to ask me. All that ran through my mind was that mom had done something.

"Ok what is it?" He raised up from the table and walked affront of me pulling me up till I was standing. He bent down til he was on one knee and Pulled out a small black box. My eyes began to tear up realizing what he was going.

"Alyson I love you so much and I want you to be with me in every way. Will you marry me?" He opened the box and a diamond ring was sparkling.

"Oh my God Yes!" I had big tears going down my face and he raised up sliding the ring on my left hand. He kissed me for a long time and it was beyond any passionate kiss I had ever had.

"Alyson you just made me the happiest man on earth."

"Eric you have no clue." I smiled knowing that there was no way I could ever been happier then in Eric's arms and his ring on my finger.

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