Chapter 29

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I never was one of those girls that wanted to get married or the one that had children, I always thought that I would party it up and when I got old I would sit at home knitting hats and making cookies.When I was in high school I was the girl that everyone knew and everyone wanted to be.I really did enjoy high school unlike many of the people who thought school was for losers.I Know now that if Eric had went to my high school I would have never been the girl I was then and honestly I wish he would have been there. I made many mistakes when I was younger. I had many nights of regrets from drinking and waking up the next moring not rembering what happened the night before.If I had met Eric when I was younger I would not have as many regrets as I do now. I realize now that I needed Eric my whole life.That I was meant to be a wife to this wonderful man and that I was meant to be the mother to two of the most precious babies in the world.

"Ali honey whats going on in that little head of yours?" Eric asked me in a light playful tone.

"Ahh I was just thinking about all the stuiped things I done in highschool and how if I had meant you early I probably wouldnt have done half the things I did." I turned in the bed to face him and he pulled me into his chest kissing me on the forehead.

"I have the same thoughts alot of times. I partied and drinked alot when I was in highschool. I made many mistakes that if I had been the responsible Alpha I should have been most things wouldnt have happened."

"At least we have each other now. I mean I dont know what would have happened to me if I never had met you and I dont want to ever think about that." I kissed Eric hating have ever had the thought of him never being there.

"I rember the first time I met you. When I saw you it was like the world around me froze and the only thing I could see was you. Your hair blowing in the wind and your little inconnet face. The only thing I could think of was there is no way she can be mine im not that lucky."I laughed knowing the same thoughts were going through my head when I first saw him.

"I really never want this honeymoon to end. I love being here with you and not having a worry in my head."He nodded in aggrement.I decided that today we could just stay at the cabin together maybe going to the beach and swimming a bit and then back to bed to watch some movies or not....All I knew was that I could never be any happier with anyone in this world.

Sooo guys I know this was super short and not really exciting but I just thought I would do a cute lil chapter before Christmas.Vote/comment.I will try to upload next week sometime while I am on break. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE AND HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR. This Week's song is "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber.

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