Chapter 33

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"Ali they are after you and the leader of the pack is Kalvin." I shuddered at his name and instantly froze in fear. Many people did not know about my past relationships in my other pack. I had told Eric but he never passed it on to anybody else cause we never though Kalvin would ever come back for me.

You see me and Kalvin dated for three years back in high school. He was a really good boyfriend to me really sweet at first... then he all the suddenly got possessive. He did not want me to have any friends, he didn't want me to have any contact with my family except my parents, and he made sure I never had any contact with any other guys then him. He was horrible to me and when I thought it would finally get better it just got worse. One day I told him that I was done listening to him and that I wanted nothing to do with him, and he got so mad that he slapped me. I mean he slapped me across my face so hard that I hit the ground. I tried to avoid him after that but he began to stalk me. He followed me at school, switched all his classes to mine, followed me home, to stores, when I was out with friends and he even threatened guys to stay away from me. It even got to the point where he would send me threatening emails and phone calls. Telling me that if I didn't come back to him he wold hurt someone in my family. Of course I was scared of him but there was nothing I could do to stop him. He literally controlled my life! Finally some of the guys from the pack scared him away but not before he told me that he would come back for me and he would make sure I wouldn't get away from him again.

I honestly never believed him, I figured that he would move on from me and actually find his real mate. If he comes after me he will kill anyone to get to me. What will he do when he finds out I'm Pregnant? That I have a mate? That I am married? He is going to kill me!!

"Ali he is not getting around you! I will kill the bastard before I ever let him lay a hand on my mate!" Eric's voice pulled me back out of my panic attack. When I looked at him I could see how mad he was. His fist was clenched together and his whole body was shaking with anger. I walked over to him, Hugging him tightly, and then raising my head up to kiss him. As soon as my lips touched his he calmed down and eventually started to kiss me back. I pulled away after a few minutes and walked over to the bed, gently setting down.

"Eric what are we going to do? He is never going to stop until he gets me!" Eric walked over to were I was setting and bent down kneeling in between my legs and holding my hands.

"Ali my love im here to protect you, we will stop him before he gets to you or to anyone else." I nodded trying to just calm myself down. I lent my head against his forehead, just trying to breathe in his scent.

"Do you think we should go and tell the pack? Like have a emergency pack meeting." He nodded raising up and pulling me with him.

"You know you really do make a great Luna.I love you ali." I smiled gently trying to cover up the mess that was going on in my head.

"Thank you, and I love you to." I grabbed his hand and he led up down the stairs and to the car. We drove up to the pack house and announced to everyone that there would be a pack meeting in ten minutes.

"Son what do you know about this man and his pack?" Eric's dad asked us.

" Honestly not much. I know they are after Ali and that he has about 40 members in his pack right now." Well at least he only had 40 but it is un-telling how many more members he could add to his pack.I stood there as our pack filed into the doors, alarmed by the sudden meeting. We waited while they took their seats and talked impatiently about what they thought was going on. Eric came and grabbed my hand pulling me along his side up to the small stage affront of everyone.

"Hello Everyone, I am here to inform you of some unpleasant news. There seems to be a new pack formed of rogues. They have been spotted close to here and that really wouldn't be a problem is it wasn't for the fact that the alpha of this pack wanted Alyson." When everyone heard what they were after they started to shake their heads, a few of them making small comments but none enough to interrupt Eric."Now the reason I needed to tell you this was so you could prepare yourselves for a possible fight. I know this man will not stop until he gets Ali and I will not go down without a fight. Thank you for coming out this evening. Everyone is dismissed." Most of the pack stood up but none left the room. They stood talking about the whole issue and honestly it was more then I could take. I stood up and left the room heading for our bedroom upstairs. I new Eric would follow up soon but honestly I just needed to be by myself for a few minutes.

I was worried about my babies. I mean what if Kalvin does get me? What is he going to do to my children? What is he going to do to me? What will he do to my pack? To Eric? The thought of losing Eric is just unbearable and to think that this man who tortures me for almost 4 years might be able to take him away from me is just horrible. I will kill Kalvin before he harms someone I love. I walked over to the bed ,wrapping the covers around me ,and I laid down pulling myself into a ball. I felt the tears start coming down my cheeks and I just couldn't help but to sit there and let my mind worry.
After a while I hear the door open and I new it was Eric by the scent. He came to the bed laying next to me and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me to his chest.

"Ali Just go to sleep, we will worry about this tomorrow. I love you baby night." I new he was right, I needed some sleep and I would just worry about this tomorrow.

"I love you to Eric." He kissed me lightly and I snuggled my head under his neck, quickly falling asleep from exhaustion.

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