Chapter 30

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I was truly the saddest person ever because tomorrow was the day we had to leave our honeymoon.I mean don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see the pack and my friends but I would truly miss being alone with Eric. I would miss the water, the sand, the warmth, all the excitement of the town. I had already started to pack because I didn't want to waste to much time tomorrow and miss our flight. I dreaded the plane more then anything because I had this fear that I would get sick. I don't really know why but lately I had been getting sick very easy, I mean just the thought of certain foods or scents make me sick as a dog. Eric had been very careful about the things he had brought around me, cause he truly hated when I got sick.

My stomach was getting bigger and bigger everyday.I was now six months pregnant but I felt like I was about to pop at any time. The babies moved all the time and Eric said it was normal that I should get bigger and they would grow faster cause of were they had werewolf in them. I just knew the twins would be the best babies ever and I just couldn't wait for them to get here. Caroline and Caden I can just get chills when I said their name. I knew when me and Eric got home we would have to start on their nursery and buying all the baby supplies but honestly I was looking forward to it. I was just looking forward to when I would be called mommy. When I would be holding my babies in my arms. At night I would have dreams about them and I knew they were happy cause they would start moving around in my stomach. One night they moved so much that it woke up Eric. Eric was thrilled to be a dad, he talked about it all the time. He talked of keeping the boys away from Caroline and playing football with Caden.

"Ali come in here with me and set down you have been packing for an hour, I know you need some rest." It seems like every time I think of his name he pops up or starts talking to me.

"Alright I'm coming!" I walked out of the bedroom into the living room and set down on the couch next to Eric snuggling up under his arm. I loved Eric's smell, I mean I know that sounds creepy and like I am stalking him but he had a smell that was just seductive and arousing.

"Ali if you keep up them thought's I'm just going to have to take you to the bedroom and we wont get to go anywhere today." He whispered in my ears and I felt the chills going down my arms. Sometimes if he just simply said my name I was turned on and honestly staying here all day with him alone sounded pretty tempting right now.

"Eric if you keep talking like that then you might just get your wish." He chuckled a deep laugh and I raised up kissing him lightly on a mouth but just enough to send sparks throughout both of our bodies.

"Well my dear what would you like to do on your last day here?" He asked me when I pulled away from him.

"Hmm well I was thinking maybe we could go in town and get some dinner, bring it back with us and have a picnic on the beach. So it is just you and me and we can enjoy our last day here together." He smiled cause he knew how badly I didn't want to leave.

"Sounds like a very good idea to me. Why don't you run and get some shoes and we can go get some food?" I nodded getting up and going to the bedroom. I slipped on some white sandals since I had a cute blue summer dress on, mostly because I get hott really easy.I guess with two babies in there I just burn up at all times so I try to wear as cool of clothes as I can and most times that mean a dress or bikini. I went to the door and Eric was all ready so we went to the car and on our way we were. We drove through town looking for a place to get some food. Since we had already had Pizza I didn't want it again and I really did not want any sea food. But what I really wanted more then anything was just a plain old hamburger some french fries and a milkshake. I told Eric what I was craving and he said that he had saw a old dinner up the road a bit. So we drove till we found the cutest little dinner you ever saw.

"Eric can we please go in instead of using the drive Thur, I really want to see if it is this cute inside." He just chuckled parking the car and heading to my side of the car opening the door for me , and helping me out since I had trouble now.I waddled inside the dinner and was happy to know that my suspicion was correct it was themed like and old 50's dinner, jukebox and all. I was so amazed by it cause I truly just love all things involving the 50's besides maybe the music. We walked up to the cash register were a young girl smacking her gum was standing looking bored.

"Can I take you order? Would this be for here or to go." The girl asked with a tone that sounded like we were just boring her to death.

"Umm this is to go and I would like a double cheeseburger, a large order of french fries, and a large chocolate milk shake. What would you like Eric?" I saw him laugh when he had heard all I had ordered but I could care less. I really had come to the conclusion that I was now feeding three people and I could eat what I wanted. Eric ordered and we got our food then headed back to the cabin.

When we got to the cabin I went inside and grabbed us a big blanket and some ketchup. We went out to the beach and set and ate our dinner watching the sun-set. I just loved sitting outside and listening to the waves crash and feeling the water tickle between my toes. I felt little tears come to my eyes as I realized I wouldn't be feeling this warmth for a long time. I know it is ridiculous to cry over leaving a place but I'm pregnant so just cut me some slack. Eric saw me crying and came to me wrapping his arms around me and holding me to his chest.

"Whats wrong honey?" He asked confused since he had no clue why I all the sudden started to cry.

"I just really don't want to leave here, can we just stay here forever?" He shook his head.

"When the twins get older we can take them here for their first vacation and we can even stay in the same cabin and everything." I nodded figuring that I could deal with leaving since I knew one day I would come back. It was starting to get dark and Eric wanted to head back inside but I stood up slipping my dress over my head and took off my sandals. I walked into the water feeling the sand form around my feet and the water pushing against my skin. I just stood there till I heard Eric following behind. He wrapped his arm around my waist turning me to him and I wrapped my arms around his neck pushing him down till his lips met mine. I kissed him and kissed him and just kept on kissing him. I wanted to stay like this forever feeling his lips against mine with the sparks flying and feeling the warmth against my skin. Eric picked me up bridal style and carried my back to the cabin leaving all the food and things that we had brought down to the beach. He laid me down on our bed and we made love for the last time in our cabin for a long time. After we was finished I slept like no other knowing I did not want tomorrow to ever come.

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