Chapter 18

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Eric and I enjoyed the quiet and peaceful times we had together when we were asleep at the cabin. After everyone found out that we were engaged all there have been talk about is the wedding. All I really wanted to worry about though was my mother. It had been a month since she had threatened us and it really bothered me that she had not tried to do anything to us yet. Every night I would lay in my bed and worry that tonight would be the night that she would attack but nothing ever happened. Me and Eric has been closer then ever, never leaving each others side. With all the wedding talk I have finally been able to make some more friends and really loved the fact that Eric's mom was taking on the responsibilities of what my mother should have done. Tonight we were having a party at the pack house celebrating our engagement. I am really excited since I haven't really been to a party since the first night me and Eric started mating.

"Eric aren't you so excited for tonight?" I was laying on Eric's chest in bed we still had not got up even though it was 2:00.

"Ahh not really since I have been to tons of parties in my life. I really just like staying home and having you all to myself." He kissed the top of my head and I just smiled knowing that he was just playing around.

"So what time did your mom say the party started?" I forgot things so easily, I guess I was just lucky that Eric remembered every little thing.

"Around seven." I just nodded not really wanting to speak but just to lay in Eric's arms for a little while longer.

"Well come on then we better go and grab some breakfasts and get ready. We cant be late for our own party!" Eric groaned raising out of bed and pulling me up with him. We went down stairs and Eric went into the kitchen to start fixing some eggs. I was about to follow him when I saw something in one of the trees affront of our house. I walked out making sure there was no one else outside and went to the tree. Tied to one of the branches was a small piece of paper tied to a branch with a string. I grabbed the piece of paper pulling it gently out and making sure not to rip it. I walked back in the house,setting down on one of the couches, and slowly opened it. It read:

Dear Alyson,

I know you think that I have all the sudden went away and left you alone but you have another thing coming.You better watch you little pretty back cause I'm coming for you and I will end you. I never really have considered you a really good daughter or pretty or anything so it really doesn't even bother me to take you out of this world and anyone who will get in the way including you little Eric.I hate you and don't you ever forget that. Alyson you are nothing to me except a piece of trash that I need to take out. When you least expect it I will come for you and don't worry I will not be alone. I will kill you and the only thing that could ever stop me is death itself. Good luck with the wedding and have sweet dreams my little daughter.


                                                                                                                   Your Worst Nightmare

I felt tears running down my face as I liad the note down. I knew she would come for me but I was afraid that she would hurt someone else. What had I done to this women to make her hate me so much? Had I really been such a disappointment to her that she felt the need to kill me? I set with my head n my hands crying because I was scared of what was to come.

"Alyson breakfast is ready." Eric came in and saw me crying. He instantly bent to my side pulling me into his arms."Ali whats wrong honey?" I just pick up the note and lay it in his lap. Eric releases me gently from his arms and began reading the note. When he finally sat the note down I turned to see his face and was shocked at how made he was. His whole face was shaking and I could tell he was on the verge of shifting. I grabbed his face in between my hands and kissed him sweetly. When I realized that it wasn't calming him anymore down I kissed him again except for more passion and fury and I slowly but surely felt him start kissing me back.He finally releases me from his grasp and I just stare at his face waiting for him to say something.

"Alyson she will not lay one hand on you, I will kill that evil devil and You will never have to worry about her again." I turned my face to the floor knowing that it could never be done so easily."Ali look at me. I promise to you that I will take care of this."

"Eric I know you will and that's the problem. I don't want to take a chance of you or someone else I love getting hurt because of My mother." He just shakes his head grabbing my face and pulling me so I am tightly against his body.

"Come on lets go eat and I will show my father the note before the party." I nod following him to the kitchen and setting at the table. I finish eating in less then twenty minutes and head upstairs to take a shower. In the shower I just stand there worrying about what to do when I hear the door open. I start to panicking thinking that she has finally came for me.Grief runs through my body when I think of Eric and I worry is he is ok or not.I feel a hand grab my shoulder and I let a blood curling scream. I turn and all I see is Eric standing there looking terrified.

"Ali are you OK? I just came to join you I'm sorry that I scared you." I manage a nod and move out of the way so he could get in the shower my heart pounding out of my chest. After a long shower with Eric I finally convince him that we better get out or we are going to miss the party. I go to the closet and find my tight deep purple dress and my black pumps. I go back to the bathroom and decided to leave my hair curly figuring that it would look sexy going down my naked back. I put on all my makeup and grab my red lipstick before walking out of the bathroom. Eric's eyes go out of his head when he sees me.

"Ali I'm telling you I'm going to end up killing some guys when they look at you in that dress." I smile knowing that it will be a good night.

"Well come on lover boy we better get a move on it before we are late." He nods and grabs his car keys since I told him that there was no way I was walking in the dirt in these heels. I smile as I lay my head on the seat knowing that tonight will be a good night of not worrying about the problems that will be waiting for me when I come back home.

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