Chapter 23

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I smiled as I woke up wrapped in Eric's arms,and felt a ting of happiness as I remember yesterday.I had slept the whole night without moving or having any dreams and I truly felt refreshed. I tried to move from out of Eric's grasp without waking him up, but sadly did not succeed.

"Hey where are you going? I was sleeping good." His voice was husky since he just woke up.

"I needed to pee and I want to get out of bed so we can go to the doctor today!" He raised up as he remembered why I had to go to the doctor.

"Ok I will call the doctor and make a appointment for around one!" I nodded as I walked to the bathroom.I was truly excited and nervous about today. Tonight would be the last night to sleep together before getting married because we are sticking to tradition and not sleeping together the day before our wedding. The wedding was so close and I was beyond excited. But as of right now all I could think of was finding out the sex of our baby. It really didn't matter to me if it was a girl or boy. I honestly would be happy either way as long as it was a healthy baby I was satisfied. I new Eric felt the same way and it just thrilled me to think about becoming a mom. I really couldn't wait to get to hold my own little baby in my arms.

"Eric I'm going to go ahead and take a shower and get ready! Do you mind fixing some break feast in the mean time?" I shouted from the bathroom.

"Ok I will fix you some food!" Eric replied through our heads. I jumped into the shower embracing the warm water and kept staring at my stomach. There was a tiny bump not really noticeable except if you knew what to look for. I realized in the shower and was finished in to short of time. I turned off the water and stepped out drying myself off and heading to the closet to pick out some clothes. I figured it wouldn't be smart to wear a dress since they would have to raise it up and look at my stomach. I settled for a tank top and shorts to be comfortable. I went back into the bathroom drying my hair and putting on some makeup. When I was finished I went downstairs to eat since I was practically starving.

"Thank god it is finished I am like so hungry." Eric chuckled lightly as I stuffed some toast into my mouth and ate the eggs he had fixed.

" I called and made a appointment and they scheduled you in for 12:30 so we better get a move on. I already ate so I'm going to go up,and take a quick shower so when your finished we can just go and leave." I nodded and he walked over kissing my head lightly. By the time I was done eating Eric came down the stairs with a huge grin on his face.

"Well aren't you so happy today." I laughed lightly happy to see Eric just as excited as I was.

"You have just really made me the happiest man in the world." I almost cried but held back the tears and went to grab they keys."Nuh uh Ali I'm driving." He grabbed the keys from my hand and headed outside to the car as I followed close behind.

We pulled into the doctor office at 12:30 on the dot, and it wasn't long after we had set down that we were called back.

"So Mrs. Alyson what pleasure do I have seeing you here today?"

"Well I brought my husband back today so we can find out the gender of the baby."

"Ok well lets get the room set up and just follow me to the back." The doctor rose from his seat walking out the door and me and Eric walked close behind following him to the same room I had been in the day before.I laid down on the table as he set up the equipment.Eric set in the chair next to me and held my hand so lightly.

"Ok Alyson lets find out the gender of your baby." He looked at the screen for a few minutes studying it. After a while I began to get nervous thinking that something was wrong and his confused facial expression did not help."Just hold on one minute while I go get another doctor." He left the room and I looked at Eric almost on the verge of tears. Not but a few second later another doctor walked in and set at the monitor. He looked for a few minutes before turning to me and smiling.

"Well Mrs.Alyson we have a surprise for you. It seems that there was a confusion yesterday." My heart sank thinking that maybe I was never pregnant maybe it was all a dream."There isn't just one baby but two you are having twins. A boy and a girl." I looked at Eric and saw the huge grin on his face and I felt tears run down my face.

"Alyson we are having twins."Eric's voice was full of pride.

"I know lordy could this honestly get any better." Eric just shook his head as the doctor wiped the nasty gel off of my stomach. I raised up and hugged Eric as he kissed me with such happiness. We left the doctor with grins on our faces. When we got home we just set together and talked about what kind of names we would want.

"Well Eric I kinda already picked out a girls name."

"Ok what is it?"Eric's voice was full of excitement.

"Caroline. I have always loved that name and always have said if I ever had a girl I would name her Caroline."

"I love that name it really is perfect. You know what name would be perfect for the boy?" I just shook my head satisfied that he like the name I chose.

"Caden. It is a good strong name for a boy." I Loved that name for a boy and just couldn't be more happy then to agree on names.

"That is just simply perfect." He smiled and bent to kiss me. We just set on the couch for hours in each others arms sharing the happiness.

"Alyson you truly are the best thing that could have ever happened to me." I smiled knowing that I felt the exact same way about him.

Well guys I know its kinda short but still its pretty exciting to think they are going to have TWINS!!!! SO I was thinking it would be really awesome if after this story is over I make a new story called "Caroline's Mate" and the story be about Caroline and her mate. Just give me some feed back about my idea. Comment and Vote!!!!! This week's song is "Two is Better Than One" by Boys like Girls.

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