"My Alpha Mate"

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Chapter 1: 

Running, my lungs were filling up with cold air and were struggling to keep up with my bodies pace. I was running through a dark forest in the middle of the night. My feet ached from the harsh ground of the woods,  my legs tingling from the constant movement. The trees swooshed by me in a blur,  I could hear the soft sounds of the night life. I didn't really know what I was running from. All I knew was that there was something telling me to keep on running. Something told me I was in danger. I could feel it in my body, the burning sensation that something was wrong.

When I looked down, I realized the only thing I had on was a pair of running shorts and a sports bra. My body was freezing from the cold air but I continued to move on, never slowing my pace. I turned around quickly to see if there was anything following me. I was startled when I saw a huge wolf running after me. I knew I had no chance of out running the creature, but I also knew that there was no way in hell I would be slowing down any time soon. I could hear the wolf's paws gaining up on me, I could feel the vibrations of it's heavy paws hitting the ground, and then I felt the pressure of it's body pushing me to the ground.

I fought against the wolf, kicking my legs  towards its body, using my hands to punch at its muzzle. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt something grab my arms and pull them above my head in a tight grip. When I opened my eyes, my blood ran cold at what I saw. Above me, in place of the wolf,  stood the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. His bright green eyes sparkled against the black night sky, his brown hair moved gently in the cool breeze. His sharp teeth were replaced by a inviting smile. I was unable to move, whether from shock or fascination, I was not sure. 

"Hello Alyson.'' His deep voice sent chills through my body. I couldn't stop myself from taking a few deep breaths, inhaling his appealing scent.

''How do you know my name?'' My shaky voice was barely above a whisper. 

''Oh my dear Alyson. Don't you understand? You are mine.'' His voice was an animalistic growl. I looked up at his face, confused,  he simply smirked back. Who was this guy, and why did he think he owned me?

''Excuse me?'' I stared up at him in disbelief. His smirk changed into a huge smile, and he started to lean his face down to mine.

''Alyson, I have come for you. Now it is time to mark what's mine.'' His face suddenly changed into a terrifying monster. Hair covered his whole body, and his eyes changed from the beautiful green color to a golden brown. The worst part was his large teeth heading towards my neck. I tried to fight him off, slashing my body against his attempting to loosen his grip on my hands, but it seemed to only excite him more. He held me down so tight, it was impossible to move. I felt his canine teeth scraping against my bare neck and he...

I jump up and let out a loud scream, only to realize I'm in my bedroom, not in some strange dark forest alone with a wild wolf.  The loud beeping noise is not a growling noise, but my alarm clock. I turn over to slap my hand down on the snooze button. It takes me a few minutes to calm down and to realize that the dream wasn't real. There is no werewolf coming after me. There is no handsome stranger trying to take what is apparently his. 

 I don't know why I get so worked up a dream, I've been having that same dream every night for about two years, so you would assume that I would be use to it by now. The dream started on the night of my 16th birthday. The night I first turned into a werewolf. Every single time, the dream stops in that same spot, just when he is about to bite my neck. Just when I am about to find out what it means to be his. 

 I turn over in my bed, putting my feet down on the hard cold wood floor. Standing up slowly I  begin to stretch out my body, letting all the stiffness in my bones loosen. I look around my room taking in the comfort of the known. My room could be considered basic, but I enjoy the simple things in life. My walls are white, my curtains are white, my bed set is white. But I have some greenery here and there, some pictures of places I would like to see, and some pictures of my friends. I suddenly hear my bedroom door slam open, the door hitting so hard it rattles the frames against the wall, and I know instantly there is no point in even looking up to see who it is.

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