Chapter 15

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After a long process of Eric trying to calm me down we went back down stairs to an emergency pack meeting that he had called for. We stepped outside and everyone was there even our new addition to the pack both sides of the field full and no empty seats. I saw Becky and the rest of the gang in the crowd and did a little wave and smile, in which they all waved back. I followed Eric has he lead me to the small stage up front and I sat in the chair behind him like I now did every-time we have a meeting and he went up to speak to our pack.

"I have called this meeting on short notice cause it seems my mate is in danger.One of our own pack members has threatened to kill her. Jennifer Lanner ,mostly know as Alyson's mother, has ran away and left a note threatened to my mate. If anyone knows of her were abouts or has any sort of contact with her you let me know now or suffer the consequences." Everyone in the crowd set silently no one saying a word."OK then I am sending some pack members on a hunt for her until then please let me know of any information you have. You are dismissed now." Everyone got up and left to get dinner except for me and Eric. He came over and picked me up setting me in his lap.

"Eric what if she hurts someone else trying to get to me? What if she hurts you? I can't stand just waiting around here thinking about what she is going to do. Can I help you find her?" Eric face hardened as I finished talking.

"NO Alyson I am not taking a chance of her killing you. We can seriously take care of this it will not be that hard."Eric voice sounded all matter of fact. But there was no way I was taking that chance. It was my mother that was trying to kill me and it is my mother that I'm going to take down one way or another. Eric kissed the side of my forehead and smoothed out the worried wrinkles on my face.I figured I would just let the subject drop for the night but he needs to know that I'm not a person who gives up that easily.

 We got up and went on into the kitchen to eat with everyone else. I sat next to Eric and Becky while we ate and really enjoyed seeing all my friends for a while.Every since me and Eric started mating I haven't really got to see anyone. After we finished eating I followed Becky outside to a swing and sat down next to her.

"How have you been since you and Eric starting mating? And don't act shocked I seen the mark on your neck when you stretched out and dinner."I was glad that i had some time to talk to Becky about mating since I hadn't told anyone. I needed some girl time as much as I love Eric sometimes you just need a girl friend.

'OH were absolutely great! I mean we haven't been apart and I just love him so much. Have you found your mate yet?" It was so great to get to talk about Eric when he wasn't here.

"Yeah I actually did. He is apart of the pack that just joined his name is Stark. He is really nice and I just love him to death we mated three days ago. I was one of them girls that never really thought about finding my mate and I really didn't want one but I'm so glad I found him I wouldn't change a thing."Her eyes gleamed and sparkled when she talked about him and I could see that she loved him just like I loved Eric.

"How did you guys meet? I mean you know how I met Eric." She smiled a knowing smile understanding that at first I had no choice but to be with Eric.

"I was walking outside to sit down and swing and just clear my head for awhile. While I was sitting there I felt someone sitting beside me so I turned and there he was. My heart stopped the instant I saw him and I knew he was the one. He just smiled at me and asked me my name and the whole night we sat and talked and talked. It was the most amazing thing that anyone could feel being with a person that you couldn't help but love." She was so happy and I was glad to see her this way. Becky always seems happy to everyone but I could tell that she was just acting most times.

"I'm glad you found him. Well I'm going to find Eric since its getting dark and I don't wont to walk through the woods late at night." She smiled and we said goodbye as I headed back into the house to find Eric. He was sitting in the living room with some of the guys and he smiled when he saw me. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Are you ready to go home Ali?" The way he said home made my heart melt. I smiled knowing that I finally did have a home and it was with him all along. I nodded and he grabbed my hand leading me back outside and we headed back to the cabin. I was a little jumpy every-time a twig snapped or anything moved but we made it home safely. We went upstairs and went straight to bed. After a long night of love making we finally went to sleep. I felt safe and warm in Eric's arms and slept a very peacefully sleep putting all the worries of my mother out of mind for the time being.

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