Chapter 39 Part 1(The Babies)

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As soon as I told Eric that I was going into labor he got on the move. He ran upstairs grabbing the bag that I had packed last week. It had things like clothes, deodorant, shampoo, soap,  and the babies outfits. I was just standing in the kitchen, unable to move from the pain that was running through my body. One side affect of being a wolf and having a baby is the pain is worse, and I have to times that by two cause I was having twins. The contractions weren't bad at first, but then they started to pick up and I knew I needed to get to the hospital immediately.

"Eric honey, I know your trying to make sure you have everything, but if you don't hurry up, well dear I don't think you will make it to see the babies." At first Eric laughed at what I said but then he started to see that I was dead serious. He ran to grab the car keys, grabbing the bags and running outside to sling them in the car before coming back to get me.

I just stood there and waited and waited. He finally came back, he wrapped one arm around my waist and the other grabbed my hand, leading me out the door. I couldn't really walk fast, so I was grateful that Eric was patient. He lead me to the car, opening the door, and gently sat me in the seat. By this time I was full on panting and sweating. I wanted to rip this stupid shirt off, cause I was so hott. Eric ran to the driver seat, started the car, and was out of the driveway before you could even blink.

"Eric, this is it, i'm going to have my babies in the car. Eric I can't have my children in a freaking car!" I was panicking, I didn't really mean to but I was scared to death. What if I have to deliver my own babies? What am I going to do if they come out in the car? What if they get stuck? OMG what if I don't make it in time???? I knew Eric was reading my mind and was hearing the full on mental breakdown I was having.

"Ali, calm down. I promise you we are going to make it. We are almost there and they are already waiting for you at the entrance of the hospital." His words sent a little bit of relief through my body.I guess Eric had managed to call them and warn the doctor that I was coming. I kinda felt bad for snapping at him earlier but right now I just needed to concentrate on breathing. The contractions were starting to pick up more, and I was in some serious pain.

The pain rippled through my body, and I started to let out short screams. I closed my eyes and the next time I opened them I saw we were at the hospital. Eric pulled into the entrance and I saw the doctors running out with a wheel chair. Eric ran around to my side of the car, grabbing my hand and pulled me out of the car and sat me into the wheel chair. They started to run with me, I felt a little dizzy so I just closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. They took the elevator and I was about to just flip out on them. I mean really, I'm about to pop and they are taking a elevator. The ride seemed as slow as it could be. When the elevator opened on the 5th floor, the delivery floor, I started to really panic seeing as this was real. I was really about to see my babies, I was really about to have my children in my arms.

"Ali honey, I love you so much. I'm going to be here with you the whole time." I just nodded and squeezed his hand as he ran beside the wheelchair. They pushed my into a delivery room and picked me up, placing me on the delivery table. As soon as I laid down there was nurses everywhere. One was putting a I.v. in my arm the other was changing me out of my clothes and putting a hospital gown on. I heard the doctor come in, and knew it was time. When I say I knew it was time I mean I really knew it. A sharp pain ripped through me and a loud blood curling scream came out of my mouth in response. I could feel the pressure and I heard the doctor yelling at me to push. You better believe I pushed with all my might. There was sweat dripping from my forehead, one hand was gripping the hospital bed, and the other was gripping Eric's hand for dear life.

"Come on Alyson, one more good push and the baby will be out." I took a deep breath in and pushed with everything in me. I heard a loud cry come from between my legs, and all the sudden my baby was raised up and placed on my stomach. They started to clean her, and check her out I guess, I couldn't really see what was going on. But I did see Eric clip the umbilical cord off, and when I looked up at his face I saw big tears coming down his cheeks and a proud grin was on his lips as he stared at his daughter.

"Ali its Caroline, she came out first." Eric said and I smiled as they placed my baby girl in my arms, she was crying but as soon as she was in my arms she went silent. I just stared at the beauty that was affront of me. She was perfect just absolutely beautiful. The tears were pouring out of my eyes and I just couldn't help but smile.

But all too soon another pain rippled through my body and Eric reached for Caroline. I handed Caroline to Eric and braced myself for the next shudder of pain.

"Alsyon Dear its time for you to start pushing again." Ahh lord here comes more pain........

I'm sooo sorry for waiting so long to update, I have been super busy. But At least Caroline is here! Oh and guys I entered into the Watty Awards, so wish me luck! Please Vote and Comment!! This week Song is With Arms Wide Open By:Creed. I though this song fit perfectly.

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