Chapter 28

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We drove for over an hour till we actually reached the town.The car ride was just quiet and simple ride that was truly just relaxing. Eric found a parking spot on the side of the road and we started to walk up the street. This was truly a crazy place people were in the street partying and there was a band set up playing music. Eric held on to me tight to make sure I wouldn't get lost I guess. I saw a sign for a seafood restaurant and I was pretty much ready to eat anything.

"Eric lets go there." He looked at the sign that I was pointing at and nodded in agreement.

When we got at the restaurant a waiter came and led us to a free table at the back where there wasn't many people and it was kinda private.I saw the waiter eyeballing me but I just shook it off thinking who would want to hit on a pregnant women but of course I was wrong. When we set at the table the waiter looked directly my way the whole time he asked for our drinks.

"Umm I just want a iced water. What would you like sweetie?" I tried to make sure that the waiter realized I was with my husband but he never really noticed. When I looked at Eric I could tell he was starting to get mad and I honestly didn't blame him.Eric told the waiter what drink he wanted and surely he left.

"That seriously just pisses me off when someone openly flirts with my wife affront of me."I grabbed his hand and held it trying to make him calm down. When the waiter came back and saw me holding Eric hand he didn't like it and his anger about it was very noticeable.

"What would you like to eat cutie?" My mouth flapped open and I knew Eric was going to be pissed.

"OK dickhead this cutie is MY WIFE say something else to her and I promise you will leave without teeth." Eric gave a kill to the waiter that showed a promise of what he was saying. The waiter just nodded and left. Soon after a waitress came to our table to ask what food we wanted and I was relived to know they didn't send another male waiter.I order some lobster and so did Eric.

"So where do you want to go after we get done eating?" Eric was trying to calm himself down so I answered him.

"Um why don't we just walk around the streets and see what we find?"

"Alrighty maybe we can find some ice-cream if we are able to eat anymore after this." As Eric spoke the waitress came and set the food affront of us. As soon as the sent of the lobster hit my nose I felt sicker then sick. I looked around for a bathroom sign and found one quick just behind our table.I ran to the bathroom, knocking the waitress out of my way, and slamming the bathroom door open. I ran into a stall and was lucky I made it in time. I threw up until my stomach was killing me. Just a few minutes later I heard the door open and knew Eric had come to check on me.

"Ali are you ok?" I couldn't answer cause as soon as he started to talk I got sick all over again. Eric broke the lock on the stall door and came in holding my hair back and rubbing my back. When I was finished I rose up and leaned into Eric hoping to feel better.

"Do you want to go back home Ali?" His voice was full of concern but I did not want to ruin our first night out.

"No I'm going to be ok I just can't eat that fish." He nodded holding my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom and out of the restaurant. As soon as the smell of fish was away I felt a hundred percent better.

"Is that better being away from the smell? Eric asked me as we walked down the street.

"You have no idea. Apparently the babies don't like fish." Eric laughed and soon I did to. After walking for a while we found a small pizza parlor and got just a plain pepperoni pizza that smelled absolutely delicious.

"Well of course the babies would like Pizza." We laughed once again and when the pizza was set affront of me I nearly ate four pieces. After getting my stomach full we headed out to the street once again and not long after walking we found a small put put golf place and I looked at Eric in excitement since I hadn't been golfing in a long time.We paid our way in and I just new I was going to beat Eric.At the end my score was higher then Eric's but I was pretty sure he let me win. When I looked down at my phone I realized it was already 12:00 so I told Eric that I wanted to go back to the house. The ride home was once again a quiet one with a few remarks on things we had saw in town.When we got back to the cabin I went to the bathroom and grabbed a bikini putting it on then pulling my hair up in a ponytail. When I came out of the bathroom Eric's eyebrows raised up in excitement.

"Going for a late night swim I see." He asked with a rough voice.

"Would you like to join?" He nodded running to the bathroom pulling on some trunks in less then two minute's.When he came out he grabbed me carrying me in his arms bridal style out to the ocean.We same and played in the water almost the whole night. Once back at the house I grabbed Eric pulling him down to the bed and he instantly knew what I wanted to for the rest of the night.

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