Chapter 17

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We stayed at the beach almost the whole night playing in the water and just talking to each other. But eventually we left the ocean water and started heading back to the house. I was excited to go home cause I just knew what a good night it would be of love making with Eric. In the car we just sat quietly holding each other hands. I sat and thought of the day that I would be walking down the aisle and soon enough be pronounced as Mrs.Mancet. I really just couldn't wait! I had never realized that being engaged to Eric could make me this happy or better yet that anyone could ever make me feel this happy. After a long but peaceful trip we were finally back to out little cabin. As soon as we stepped through the door Eric had me pinned against the wall kissing my lips and neck sending tingles all through my body.

"I have wanted to do that for awhile now, but tonight Ali I don't want to mate for the last time." Tears stung my eyes as the thoughts ran through my mind of him not wanting to finish the mating process. I mean seriously he just proposed and he says this on the same night? What is wrong with him.I took all I could and pushed Eric with as much force as I could and walked right on passed him.

"FINE JUST FINE." I yelled I started heading up the stairs preparing for a long night of tears, and heartache when Eric grabbed me around the waist picking me up,and carrying me back down the steps and finally setting me affront of him but kept his arms in place.

"You didn't let me finish....I meant I want to save it for our honeymoon. I thought it would be worth waiting for our most special night." I looked up at his face realizing what a fool I had just made of myself. I should have known that Eric would never do that to me.

"I am so sorry, I love you so much. I guess I just thought you didn't want me." I felt so stupid for ever thinking that Eric could ever be that heartless. I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck pulling my self up to kiss him making sure he knew just how sorry I felt. He instantly started kissing me back picking me up, and carrying me up the stairs bridal style. I really just couldn't wait for the day that he would be carrying me like this in a bridal gown and his wedding band on my finger.

We stayed upstairs the whole night and for most of the next day making love and talking about how excited we were for the wedding. I finally got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Eric followed and we both had a very long nice shower.

"Do you think we should go to the pack house and tell everyone that we are engaged?" I asked Eric because I knew he would want to tell his parents the good news.

"How about I call for a meeting and we just tell everyone at one time?" I nodded liking the idea of everyone knowing that I would finally be getting married to Eric. Eric left the bathroom to get some clothes while I dried my hair deciding to leave it curly and put on some makeup. I walked out of the bathroom still in my towel and headed to the closet to get some clothes. I saw out of the corner of my eye an movement on the bed and jumped when I saw Eric laying there grinning from ear to ear.

"OMG Eric you just scared me to death." He laughed raising up and walking over to me kissing me lightly on the lips.

"I'm sorry I was just waiting for you to get finished." I nodded and turned to go to the closet settling on a pair of skinny jeans, tight purple top, black heels and a black scarf. Eric was still laying on the bed when I came back out.

"You look pretty hot Ali, now how can I tell everyone about us getting married when the whole time all I will be thinking about is getting you back home?" I laughed and shook my head.

"Come on Eric lets go tell everyone our surprise." He nodded getting of the bed and walking down the stairs as I followed behind him.We decided just to walk to the pack house since it was so close. I kept getting the smell of rouges but just figured that it was someone I didn't know. When we got to the house Eric called for a pack meeting at seven so we had around half an hour to walk around. Eric's parents had hired people to fix our room and restore it since my mother had torn it up to pieces.I headed up the stairs and stopped at our bedroom door waiting for Eric to come. As soon as he was by my side I opened the door and a smile was instantly on my face at the sight. Our room was fixed back to perfection even down to where the pictures were hanging on the wall.

"Eric are we going to move back in here?" I really didn't want to come back and live here. It wasn't that I don't like the pack house it was just I really loved living at the cabin where we had privacy and could just be with each other. Eric sat and thought for a few minutes before saying anything.

"Ali honey I think for right now until we get married it would be for the best. I mean with your mother on the loose and we have had a few strangers spotted in the woods I think it would be safer to live here."I could tell that Eric honestly was trying to do what was best so I didn't argue knowing that soon enough I would be right back at the cabin.

"Ok but you promise that we will move right back to the cabin after we are married?"He nodded and I smiled at him before I took a run and go and jumped on the bed.Eric laughed and walked over laying next to me.

"I like our room here but not near as much as I like the cabin." Eric felt the exact same way as I did about the cabin and I knew he wouldn't stay here any longer then we had to. We just laid there for awhile kissing some and talking before it was time to go to the meeting. I ran to the bathroom and combed out my hair making sure I looked OK. Me and Eric walked down stairs and outside where everyone was waiting and wondering why the sudden meeting. Even his parents look worried but I just smiled knowing that soon enough everyone else would be to. We walked up to the front and I stood next to Eric this time instead of sitting down.

"I know everyone is wondering why I have called this meeting on such short notice. I have some good news that I would like to share while everyone is together."Eric turned to me and smiled before continuing."Me and Alyson are engaged to be married."All the sudden everyone tore up clapping and cheering. Eric's parents ran up to where we were and began hugging us. Eric's mom had tears going down her face and I felt a ping of sadness knowing that I would never have that.

"Omg I'm soo happy for you two. This will be the most beautiful wedding ever and I just cant wait to have Alyson as an daughter-in-law even though I already consider you family." I smiled and felt tears in my eyes realizing how much everyone really did care. I smiled when I felt Eric's arms wrap around me and I knew that I had all the family I could ever need right here and NO ONE was going to take it from me not even my mother.

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